New Issue View: Unable to edit issue fields using the period key workflow

Connor Sexton April 7, 2021

In new issue view for JIRA Cloud i am unable to target any fields in an issue for editing using the period key workflow. Formerly, pressing period would open a responsive search popover that i could use to focus any issue field or issue workflow step. The popover still opens, but none of the issue fields or workflow actions are available options.

Is this feature going to return to new issue view?

It used to work phenomenally in hosted JIRA, works somewhat poorly but tolerably in JIRA Cloud, and now in New Issue View has regressed completely. I wish I were exaggerating that having to navigate and edit with the mouse only will add hours to my week. I spend so much time editing and managing JIRA issues for my teams that this regression is actually impacting my productivity. I would love for Atlassian to comment.

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