Jira server app for android does not refresh tasks on board

Max_Mustermann February 21, 2020

Hey there,

since some days the Jira app for android does not show new tasks on boards. When new tasks are created, I can see them under the "Issues" section, but not on the kanban board itself.

My collegue which works on the same Jira instance does not experience this problem under iOS. Our instance is on the latest v8.6.1

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Max_Mustermann March 1, 2020

Isn't there anyone else with this problem? :/

Murat Isik March 4, 2020

My team and I have this problem with Trello Android. But IOS's users doesn't have it. Boards doesn't refresh. We solve it with clean cache and datas.

Max_Mustermann March 9, 2020

"Nice" to hear. The latest version of Jira Server for Android solved it for me.

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