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Judah Ferst July 2, 2019


With the new Jira Sloud / Google Sheets integration is it possible to reference a cell with the project Key in it? 

I am using =JIRA("project='"Project_Data!B2"'", "summary, issuekey, priority, reporter, assignee, timeoriginalestimate, timeestimate, timespent, issuetype, customfield_10009, labels, resolution, status, resolutiondate, created, duedate, customfield_11700, fixVersions, customfield_11100, project") where Project_Data!B2 is TPP which is a project key, but I get a formula parse error.

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Rahul Patil
Atlassian Team
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July 3, 2019

Hi @Judah Ferst ,

You should be able to use the google sheet built-in function CONCAT to achieve this.

For example I used the following query successfully:

=JIRA(CONCAT("project=",$C9),"key, summary")

To get a new list of issues from another project, I can either change the formula above and replace $C9 with something else, or change the cell contents of C9 itself.

Thanks for trying out this add-on and let us know if you have any further questions.




Judah Ferst July 3, 2019

Awesome - that worked - thanks so much!

Helder Martins July 23, 2019

This was a great hint, however, I found a problem at least in what I am trying to achieve which is related to this: I am looking to get all linked issues from an specific issue.

So, I am doing the following:

  1. I have on my very first line the following: =jira("project = 'BW' AND createdDate >= '2019-06-01' AND createdDate <= '2019-06-30'","issuekey") which produces me a list of all the keys that should be listed in that time frame
  2. On the second cell I was trying to do the following: =JIRA((CONCATENATE("issue in linkedIssues('",$A2,"')")),"issuekey")

This will not work, at least not the way I want because it in fact will try to look the actual linkedIssues for the value I have in cell A2, however, it will try to list down so I can simply get the value in order to repeat the same formula recursively down to get each one of the values correspondent to each of the records.

An image might illustrate better what I mean:



Notice the "Key" on each of the columns headers are automatically generated by the actual JIRA functionality.

Any suggestions?

Morris Coyle November 15, 2019

Did you ever find a solution to this one? Just hit the same snag myself today.

Manish Kumar May 5, 2020

Any solution to this?  how can we remove the header added by JIRA automatically so that the values as put in cells one below the other

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Mustafa Slatewalla June 24, 2021

=QUERY(JIRA("project=ABC order by updated desc", "issueType, issuekey, summary, assignee.displayname, status", 0, 5), "SELECT * OFFSET 1", 0)

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Annelie Brehm August 19, 2021

Hi, I d like gsheet to return me a jira issuekey (just that one specific) , cant get to work with this formular or any other. Tried "summary" as well, tried whats written above but cant get one single issuekey. 


The idea is to have a list of company names and relate them with issuekeys from jira, I would include the '$' later on to fill the list with issues

=Query(JIRA("project=projectname")and (issuekey and customfield_10201 = 'companyname'"))"))

Help is much appreciated

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