JIRA 8.11.0 Error = Database: JIRA couldn't connect to your database.

Kok Bin Mah September 12, 2020


We have received the following error(below) during 8.11.0 setup. The JIRA configurator tool did not successfully connect us to the MS SQL Server 2016. The schema has been created and domain service account setup for the authentication. The MS SQL DB has been setup for SSL where the dbconfig.xml file has been specified with connection string encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true.

From our DBA, the problem is due to how we configure the login. We followed the connection string settings for the dbconfig.xml. The firewall between the JIRA server to the db server has been cleared and verified with telnet.


MS SQL Server Error = attempt to login using sql authentication failed

JIRA Error = Database: JIRA couldn't connect to your database.


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Michael March September 13, 2020

Whenever I have problem connecting to a database from an Atlassian application like Jira, I use DBeaver to figure out the connectivity problem. 

DBeaver is written in Java and uses a similar connection string methodology as Jira/Confluence/etc. If it works there, it will work on Jira. DBeaver is a desktop GUI and is more interactive than Jira so it is easier to debug these problem. It also has a wizard to guide you through your first connection that then you can apply the result be to Jira:


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