Is there a way to have "predecessor" or "successor" links?

Jon Kruger October 29, 2019

We often have stories that need to precede or succeed other stories, is there a way to set up links that we can say that a story precedes another (the inverse would be that the second story succeeds the first one)?

I used to do this in Jira classic, although I don't know if that was through an add-in or not.

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Ramnarine May 13, 2023

Environment: Jira Cloud

1st: I created a new project using the “Project Management Template”

2nd: I created all my tasks

3rd: I linked my tasks to show the visual of the relationship on the timeline


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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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October 29, 2019

The list of types of links is set by your administrators.  There's a default list in a new Jira install, but you can add to, remove or edit the whole list.

I would guess that your admins on your older Jira had set up a link type called something like "dependency" and then labelled the directions as "predecessor" and "successor".  That's quite a common way to do it in my experience (there are more complex schemes with four types of dependency rather than two).

It may also have been provided by an app, there are quite a few that add their own link types like these, or implement their own link system and then layer more functions on top of their link systems.

I'd start with the simple built-in issue links and see if they do enough of what you need.

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