Is there a way to create a report tracking just critical and high bugs for multiple Jira boards?

Jenn.Raimo February 5, 2020

I am currently trying to generate a dashboard/report in Confluence that pulls critical and high bugs from multiple Jira Kanban boards. Does anyone know how to do this? Currently I've been able to create reports that track these specifically for each individual board and can put into Confluence how many bugs there are or a list of them but I'm looking for a more condensed version that shows week over week that number of critical and high bugs from three different projects. Please let me know, thanks!

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Earl McCutcheon
Atlassian Team
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February 6, 2020

Hello @Jenn.Raimo ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community and pulling data from multiple board can be can be accomplished with "IN" clauses, in a combination with the "Filter" referance.

So looking at the request to have "critical and high bugs from multiple Jira Kanban boards"

The native JQL options to look at for the critical and high bugs, would be the Priority field referance with an "IN" clause for the operator, to include multiple criteria options as and restrict to the BUG via an issue type referance with an "AND" like this for "JQL 1":

priority in (critical, high) AND issuetype = bug

Next to restrict to a set of boards you can add in a "Filter" field referance , again using the "IN" clause for the operator, to isolate the boards while also using filters from multiple boards.  To do this you need the filter ID that is saved on the board and looking this up can be done by going to the board configuration page "General Setting" (as described here) and selecting the "Edit Filter Query" option for the board filter, which will direct you to the issue navigator.  The issue filter ID will be listed in the URL as ""

NOTE, you could run into collisions if any of the board filters have conflicting or exclusionary conditions, as an exe is filter 11111 has "issuetype != bug" and the noted filter above is asking for only bug issues, then nothing would be displayed on this conflict

But adding in the filter portion do something like the following as "JQL 2" :

filter in (11111,11112,11113,etc....) AND <any other JQL criteria needed>

Then just combine via "(JQL 1) AND (JQL 2)" like this:

(priority in (critical, high) AND issuetype = bug) AND (filter in (11111,11112,11113,etc....) AND <any other JQL criteria needed>)

Save that filter and try it out it in your existing reports and let me know if that is what you are looking for.


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