In Export, how to get EPIC Name automatically along with EPIC link ID, same as its view

Shailendra Medhi March 21, 2021

Hello Team,

In my Jira project is in Service Migration and we have Services as Epic and when we link 'EPIC Link' field in each ticket, it gets mapped to each service.

Now my current challenge is for any report when I fire a query, it gives me correct details, i.e. all ticket details as well as in EPIC Link field we get EPIC ID & its Name, but when we export the same report in excel, instead of EPIC name, we only get Jira EPIC ID as a value.

How to get same export as view in Jira for EPIC link field? I am sure, this must have been solved by someone earlier. 

Please guide, thanks! SM


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HP August 29, 2022

I have a similar issue with converting Epic Link column into an actual epic name. I wish Jira would allow you to export the actual Epic name to CSV.

As a work around I sort my query by Epic LInk before exporting, since I work with many epics in our sprints. I then look at the epic link column in Jira and manually translate that to the epic name. 

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