I can't see Epic Names or Epic Links in a Filter View

Carrie Markels November 14, 2018

I set up a Roadmap with a number of Epics.  Then, I added Issues under each Epic.  However, when I go to export the information in a Filter view, when I add Epic Name and Link columns, they all come up blank as if I haven't assigned the Issues to the Epics.  Looks like the linkage is only resident in the Roadmap and Backlog view (can't sort by Epic)...but not in Filters.

Help please.

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Joe VanDalsem April 22, 2019

This is killing me too.   They have Epic Link as a collum, but it doesn't display anything in that field.  

Atlassian has to fix this asap.   this is critical.

Seems like it should be available now,

It's there in the backlog, it's there on the board...  Why isn't it there in filter view? 

It seems to be fundamental to how next-gen project function really, doesn't make any sense why it wouldn't be in the filter view.  

Why no reply or help from Atlassian here?  

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Tarun Sapra
Community Leader
Community Leader
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November 14, 2018

Hello @Carrie Markels

Welcome to the community.

Currently it doesn't seem to be supported for the next-gen projects. May be someone from Atlassian can share more information as to when it will be available, so that users can see the "epic link" field for the corresponding stories in the issue navigator view.

Aaron Cosentino November 15, 2018

Running into this issue as well. I hope this functionality can be added. It is vitally important from a reporting perspective to be able to filter and export issues based on Epic Link.

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Kai Jones February 25, 2021

Same issue for me too.  

Stefan Grob September 12, 2021

Same to me, hope there will soon be a solutionl

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Katie July 12, 2019

Ran into the same issue. Please help.

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Mike Greenspan February 26, 2019

Is this being fixed?

Rodrigo_Silveira March 11, 2019

Ditto, I'm quite interested in having access to Epic Link and Epic name in my Filters!

Gordon Cabaniss March 12, 2019

Same here!  Dashboards gadgets are pretty much useless in the nexgen version for me thus far.

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Jovanka Cvejic January 13, 2020

Same here, still present in 2020.

But this answer fixed issue for me: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-Software-questions/Next-Gen-Story-and-Epic-Link/qaq-p/910068

Kristine Castillo February 24, 2020

Solved my problem too. 

kcakebread March 12, 2020

me too. 

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Rupesh Dubey October 8, 2019

I am having a similar issue as well. This is quite annoying. Has anyone found an alternative to solve this issue in the meantime

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Ry Van Veluwen March 28, 2019

Hey homies!


Had the same problem - hope they really start fixing that soon. In the meantime however! I've discovered a work-around.


You can go to your epic, then select the drop down on the top right to see "View in search" which will give you an issues list filtered by the specific task names (But the same kinda output you would want)


I've redacted the sensitive stuff but see below:SharedScreenshot.jpgHope this helps!

Carrie Markels March 29, 2019

Thank you Ry.  It may help some of us.  I still need to see Epics against the whole open backlog for planning sessions.

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Freya Käbel January 10, 2020

I have no possibility to filter by child issues... how can that be?

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Harald Rätscher July 2, 2020

Same for me, epic-link, epic-name, parent-link are all blank. :-(

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Georgios_Gkinis June 22, 2020

kcakebread Maybe choose "Parent"?


Georgios_Gkinis June 22, 2020

Also for JQL to return Items under an Epic you need the Epic ticket name.

My Epic item name is MP-3:

Project="MyProject" AND parent="MP-3"

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Irem Tunalier October 4, 2022

Yes, this is the solution. Thanks. 

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Chris Childs December 2, 2019

Same here, bug for over a Year now!!

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emily.daye October 23, 2019

Having the same issue - hoping to have a way to fix this soon!

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William Siemons June 21, 2019

This request fix a BUG in core functionality is pretty overdue.
The fields are there, but they are empty.

What surprises me is that this really should not be a big thing to resolve, yet it is open for more than half a year. Are Atlassian even looking into this?????

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Brian_Vaio June 11, 2019

Ran into this same problem as well. Hoping for a fix soon!

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Anthony Brittis June 3, 2019

Hi.  This is a critical issue for me too.  Ry's workaround doesn't really do what I need.  All that does is take all the task keys and put them into a filter's "In" clause.

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Jordan Sucher March 21, 2019

Running into the same issue - hoping this is made possible soon

Kobi Jacobson May 8, 2019

same here. Please fix ASAP!!!!

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Antony Fulcher November 25, 2021

Has a solution been found for this? 

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alain January 8, 2021

@Carrie Markels , Epics have a "Parent" relationship with their assigned tickets, the same is valid for "Stories" with "sub-tasks" within.

If you don't use subtask, every "Parent" in your tickets will be a Epic.

If you use sub-tasks, you can query all tickets that have as parents any of the Epic on a list you will need to provide.

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Chase_Brantley April 30, 2020

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? "Epic Name" is still blank. In issue navigator I am trying to pull a excel report but Epic Name is blank even though all my tasks or bugs have been linked to Epics.

kcakebread April 30, 2020

I am still using Parent instead of Epic Name to get around this.

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Chase_Brantley April 30, 2020

Unfortunately that field is blank as well. I am trying to filter all the issues for my board but when I export the report Epic Name and Parent are both blank. All I want to do is pull a report of all stories, tasks, sub-tasks and bugs with the correlating Epic.. 

kcakebread April 30, 2020

the stories must be linked as child issues. when you view the epic, do you see the child issues? Using the child issue button as shown below? It won't work if you just link them with the link icon.



Chase_Brantley April 30, 2020

My issues have all been added to the Epic.

Epic Name Issue.PNG

kcakebread April 30, 2020

does the parent field get populated in a filter? 


Chase_Brantley April 30, 2020

No, neither does Epic NameEpic Filter Issues.PNG

kcakebread April 30, 2020

interesting. my filters don't show the epic link. but it looks like your epic link is the same as what would be in epic name, isn't it? that makes me wonder we are using different templates, and the issue is with a template.



Chase_Brantley May 1, 2020

Yeah, so my issue is that when I pull a report as either .csv or .xls I only get the identifier i.e. ZB-22 and not the actual Epic Name. Do you know how I can change the template to display a name instead of the identifier?

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