How to make the same Date & Time format for different fields?

samar_singh July 26, 2022


On Jira Cloud, I am using a Jira Service Management Project. There are various Date & Time fields critical for us. But they all show date and time in different formats, please see attached screenshot.

Could someone please help me how to uniformize the format for all fields?

Thanks a lot in advanc2022-07-26_14-39-47.png

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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July 26, 2022

Jira formats date/time fields in two ways

  • as an absolute date or date and time as you see in Created and Updated in your screenshot,
  • as a relative date/time which is fuzzied up to save the humans having to work it out every time.   You've not got one of them in your screenshot, but it'll show things like "a few minutes ago", "yesterday" or "today" instead of 25/07/22 14:25  (You can turn this off in the general config)

The other fields in your screenshot are not date/time fields.  I mean, they hold date/time data, but they are not using the rendering rules that "pure" Jira date/time fields use, they have their own code for their rendering.

You would need to look at the configuration of all three of them to see if the output is configurable.  Date of first response is coming from a charting app that might have  some configurability.  Last update and last comment may also be an app, but they might also be coming from scripted fields of some sort.

If last update / comment are scripted fields, you should find the scripts are doing some formatting.  If they were being done with Scriptrunner, I'd convert them - take the formatting out and change them to date/tme output instead of strings, that way they'd take on the same format you have set globally for date fields.

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