How to filter tasks linked to EPIC in Team Managed Projects?

Friedemann Wagner November 23, 2021

Hi all, 


i know this has been asked some times but i wanted to calrify whether there is really no way to just list down all related Tasks to a given EPIC:

project = "Pojest1" AND "Epic Link" = "EPIC-123"

does not get any values within Team Managed project.


Does anyone know the answer?


Thanks a lot

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markushofmann February 16, 2022


parent in (EPIC-ID) 

in the where clause


Kamil Zatorski April 20, 2023

that works 

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ScrumPoint November 23, 2021

This could help : 

issue IN subtasksOf(' "Epic Link" = EPIC-123')
Friedemann Wagner November 24, 2021

Hi ScrumPoint, 

sadly that does not work as it does not know subtasksOF. Are you sure that this works in Team Managed Porjects? My understanding is that many filters are not added there yet. 

Thanks a lot

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