How to create a dynamic search for future sprint issues?

Jonas Linder January 25, 2017

Our JIRA board consists of several future sprints (Current active sprint + 4 future sprints). I would like to create a table in our wiki which lists all issues of each future sprint separately. At the moment my query for future sprints is more like hardcoded in terms of [sprint = "Sprint 12"], [sprint = "Sprint 13"] etc. So after a few weeks its not up to date and needs to be adapted.

Therefore i need a dynamic query like CurrentSprint () + 1, CurrentSprint () + 2 etc. Is it possible? 

Thanks a lot. 

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Amie Fudge May 31, 2018

Hi @Jonas Linder

If you use this query it will show all tickets in future sprints

project = <projectname> AND sprint in futureSprints()

This gives all tickets for all future sprints.  To know which sprints the results are in,  I add a column in the results table to show which sprint it is and sort by sprint.  Hope that helps

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NickVanHolsbeeck November 18, 2019

Was this solved in any manner :) ? The Sprint | Sprint +1 | Sprint +2 | ... Overview?

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Bhav June 15, 2018

project = <projectname> AND sprint in futureSprints() works really well however shows all the following sprints. I just want to see whats coming in the Next Sprint.

I'd also like to see something like; sprint in futureSprints() +1 

Is that possible?

Amie Fudge June 19, 2018

I think the issue is more about what is characterized as 'next' sprint.  JIRA wouldn't know what you vs I consider our next sprint unless we say all sprints in logical order are the order of sprint sequences.

If that is the case then you could add an ORDER BY rank clause after your query project = <projectname> AND sprint in futureSprints()


@Jonas Linder will this option ^^ help?

Bhav June 20, 2018

Thanks for this @Amie Fudge. It makes sense, it is the case that the sprints are in logical order and thats what I want to display.

Closest I got was with ORDER BY rank was; project = <projectname> and sprint in futureSprints() ORDER BY Sprint ASC 

However this still includes other sprints, so its not exclusive to one.


Jonas Linder June 20, 2018

@Amie Fudge: Thanks. Our sprints are in logical order as well but my intention was to create something like an overview-table in wiki to plan all future sprints. Therefor i would like to fill each column with one future sprint (column 1 = future sprint 1, column 2 = future sprint 2 and so on).

Bhav June 20, 2018

@Jonas Linder sounds like a plan but is that just a duplication of the Backlog board?

Jonas Linder June 20, 2018

Its a duplication but with additional information and the dependences are better visible if the future sprints are arranged side by side than among each other. Or maybe there is another view of the backlog i know?

Alan Williams January 4, 2019

You could also do this in portfolio plugin from Atlassian.

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