How include small projects into a big one

carolina_acevedo August 16, 2022

Hi All,

I have a team assigned to one project it is project implementation, we have a kanban board and a Scrum board, however, we constantly receive requests that could be considered small projects and we need to track the tasks, time etc. How can I include those projects in the big one, without creating a "New project"? 

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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August 16, 2022

There's no way to do this, especially with team-managed projects (they're really not built for sharing data outside the single team that owns each one)

But with a Scrum and Kanban board, assuming they're from company-managed projects, you can do some stuff.

I'm going to imagine you've got a simple case of

  • one company-managed project that they do most of their work in. 
  • one Scrum board  (don't have more than one scrum board for a team, that way lies madness)
  • one or many Kanban boards
  • all based on the same filter of "Project = ABC".  
  • Then there's a pile of other "small" projects, (let's call the first couple DEF and GHI) that you might want to draw some issues from sometimes
  • Including the "small" items in another project can only be done by moving them into the other project.  This loses them from the original project, can easily cause data loss (it's a right pain moving between TMP and CMP) and should never be part of a standard process. 

But with boards, we have some more power.  If you can identify a good way for your users to do this, you can draw the small issues into your Kanban and Scrum boards.

A lot of people do some variant of this.  I use this query because labels are built-in and simple to add, but to avoid slepping mistrackes, many use other fields like a select list for "other team" or "team dependency".


Project = ABC or ( Project in (DEF, GHI) and label = "For-ABC")

Now, if someone adds "For-ABC" to an issue in those two projects, the ABC team will get it on their boards.  (Note - you will need to re-map columns in your boards to include the other projects)

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