How can we minimize the number of empty lines in description ?

Andy July 13, 2022

Hi guys,

Is it possible to minimize the amount of blank lines in issue's description field?

Our users usually create an issue in JIRA via email, which get fetched into JIRA. When a ticket get created, there are tons of blank lines in the description. It seems to be more in the ticket than in their email.


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July 13, 2022

Hello Andy,

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, you are not able to reduce the size of the blank lines in the description field.

However, something that you can do, in case you need to remove them, is to create a new text field, remove the description from the screen and add the new one.

By doing this you would be able to use a reduced text field.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,


Andy July 17, 2022

Thanks for your prompt response Carlos. I may not be very clear so let me explain.

When I sent email to our helpdesk as follow:

Line 1 ( contains text e.g. Hello blah)

Line 2 ( blank line)

Line 3 (contains texts e.g. We have issue with blah..)


The above message appears in JIRA ticket as below

Line 1 ( contains text e.g. Hello blah)

Line 2 ( blank line)

Line 3 ( blank line)

Line 4 ( blank line)

Line 5 (contains texts e.g. We have issue with blah..)

We got 2 extra blank lines there in JIRA description, making it really hard to read especially for a long message.


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