How can we hide transition labels from the status change from the scrum board

Suraj January 14, 2019

I created a workflow with some custom status and assigned a transition label to all of them. But now when i got to my scrum board and try to change teh status, i was expecting just the status name and not the transition label attached to it. Currently the format is <Transition label> -> Status Name. I am expecting just the Status name and want to hide the transition label

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Alexey Matveev
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January 14, 2019


What is a transition label and why do you need it?

Suraj January 14, 2019

Its a transition name which we have to add when we create a new transition in the workflow

amcbeth January 22, 2020

Did you find a solution Suraj? I would like to do the same

cfreimann February 19, 2020

Same, I would also like assistance with this. My team is not interested in the transition name or explanation, they just want to be able to transition their items. 

Rexline David Raja February 19, 2020

Is there any solution for this? 

We just need the Status name. Currently , its displayed as Transition name  --> Status name.


Please advice how to exclude the transition name from the status drop down.

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Lee Reyes April 1, 2020

same here. I would like to hide the transition name. is there a solution for this?

Simerjeet Chawla September 17, 2020

I am facing same issue. Can anyone please help here

Steven Martins February 24, 2021

+1 the name of the transition causes visual pollution or even incomprehension

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Kanchan Yadav June 28, 2021

Yeah! How to hide the transition label when changing statuses in a tasks/bug

Rodolfo Salgado November 17, 2021

same, this is horrible. Why are we forced to keep both?

Rathnaa Preyaa Thayalan May 22, 2022

 Hi, I would like to hide the transition name too. Can we do it? any solutions available?

Deleted user February 6, 2023

Also looking for answers.

Any Jira admins here?

Also agree with @Steven Martins , it just creates visual pollution. Maybe for super big teams where you cannot explain what every status means that is useful. However in Scrum-like teams everyone would know what every status means either way

Lyuboslav Mitsov October 5, 2023

You can just put an empty interval in the field and it accepts it. 

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