Error message "You need the manage sprint permission for all projects in the origin board to manage this sprint"

Sandy October 10, 2016

User has been given project admin role across all projects where stories originate. Still no luck in him being able to close a sprint.


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March 9, 2018

Faced this problem today. 

My user used for a board a complex filter which included Scriptrunner JQL functions and Portfolio hierarchies. 

Resolved by adding an additional conditional to the JQL, which limited it to the projects I wanted, where my user had manage sprint rights.

So instead of the complex filter I used: 

(Project = MyProject) AND (My complex filter JQL here)

Worked like a charm and fixed all "Manage Sprint" permissions.


I hoep this helps anybody


happy weekend September 26, 2018

Great solution. Thanks!

nelson medici January 12, 2019

It worked. Thanks!

Shaun Grose January 27, 2020

I tried this solution, but it was a bit cumbersome due to the number of projects our wider IT team uses. Weirdly though, this didn't actually solve the issue.

I had a look at the Atlassian support page Using Manage Sprints Permission for Advanced Cases and set up the Manage Sprint Role, which I added to all the permission schemes that we use. This didn't solve the issue by itself either, even when I added a brand new board with no fancy filters.

Eventually the only thing that fixed the issue for me was going and deleting all the existing boards for the project BEFORE creating a brand new one. I'm guessing there was some weirdness in one of those boards that was propagating somehow to new ones (we have some managers that like to create their own views using boards, not all of them are as adept as others).

It was a bit of a pain to set up the board from scratch again, but once it was set up (and all the Manage Sprints permissions were set up), there was no need to limit the JQL to the specific projects.

Hope this helps for someone who gets stuck with this issue......

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Sarah Oros February 5, 2020

I had an issue like this in Cloud Jira even though the users were in a group that had Manage Sprints permission granted across all permission schemes. Many board filters are not limited to specific projects. (see Using Manage Sprints permission for advanced cases) After looking through the audit log, a new, private next-gen project was created recently. Once the project was deleted, non-admin users could manage sprints again. 

Lyubov Pestereva May 18, 2020

Hi Sarah!

I have the same issue and cannot find solution. Did I understand you correctly, that new next-gen project affected permission to complete sprint even if it has nothing to do with board filter? I cannot delete next-gen project :)

Sarah Oros May 18, 2020

In my instance, it was an issue because there were board filters that weren't specific to projects (for example, filtering on team). I would suggest seeing if a board filter for the board(s) that cannot close sprints can be modified to exclude that project - perhaps that would work? We deleted the project because it didn't have work in there yet, and we supplied the user with another way to keep track of work that wasn't a personal next-gen project.

Does the next-gen project need to have sprints enabled? We have a next-gen project not causing issues since sprints are not enabled.

I don't have an example to look at in my instance since the project was deleted, but maybe give the following a shot - documentation for managing sprints for next-gen projects seems to be a bit lacking.

In the project settings for the next-gen project, see if the people/group that need to manage the sprints can be added as a member to that project. If that doesn't work, trying as admin, if that isn't a risk.

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Lyubov Pestereva May 18, 2020

Thanks! I've just added "project != 'my-next-gen-project'" in board filter query and it worked. But it seems to be a bug, as there was no issues from this project in filter results. I think I will report, maybe it will save some time for other people :) 

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Sarah Oros May 18, 2020

Awesome! Glad that helped.

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Thomas Bithell November 27, 2017

I had an issue like this. The user had permissions to all projects involved, which was just two projects with a total of 8 issues.

I found via the Test View > By Sprint feature the Sprint was appearing on two boards. The JQL for both boards checked out fine when looking at the issues in the Issue Navigator. 

However, one of the boards filters caused the Projects In Board to state The projects in this board cannot be listed because of the complexity of the board filter.

Because the second board wasn't needed we deleted it and then the problem with completing the sprint went away.

I am confident we could of fixed the JQL on the second board so Jira could identify the boards contained, and then we could of completed the sprint as well.

Jennifer McVicker August 1, 2018

Can you explain how to get to the Test View > By Sprint feature?  We have multiple team sprint boards that pull in issues from lots of different projects, and I am unable to get our scrum masters access to manage sprints even though every single permission scheme in use has the scrum master user group in both Project Admin and Manage Sprints permissions.  I have resorted to adding them to the jira-administrators group in the meantime, while I work with atlassian support to resolve this problem.  Atlassian support told me that because our boards use complex filters, Jira simply ignores the permissions and won't allow users to manage sprints (they said for performance reasons).

And here is what I really want to know: if the jira-administrator group can manage sprints, with no apparent degradation in performance, then WHY THE HELL can't they create a sprint-manager user group that gives everyone in that group the ability to manage sprints??  Obviously this has been an issue for quite a while; it's incredibly disturbing that it hasn't been resolved yet.

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Thomas Bithell August 1, 2018

@Jennifer McVicker

From the Backlog of the Scrum Board in the upper right corner is a Test View drop down button. The drop down choices are By Sprint and By Issues.

Jennifer McVicker October 2, 2018

Sorry, I just saw this response.  You must be on Cloud JIRA, right?  We're on Server JIRA, v 7.8, and that option doesn't appear for me.

Thomas Bithell January 15, 2019

@Jennifer McVicker we are also running Jira Server, 7.6.9

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Sandy October 10, 2016

permission scheme for Manage Sprints set to "Any logged in user"

Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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October 10, 2016

For every project that might be included in the board?

ireshr April 4, 2019

Yes. Each and every project need to mention.

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 10, 2016

Project admin does not necessarily mean manage sprint permission - check the permission scheme and user's membership for that.

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