Dashboard sporadically sometimes does not load

Kira Graf November 10, 2020

90% of the time the dashboard loads and works perfectly fine, but 10% of the time (more often the first time it's used but not always) it won't load at all and the user gets a completely white page. None of the dashboards have been changed and I'm not aware of anything that might have changed on the server or the network. 

It's only ever the dashboard, everything else (search, browsing tickets) works fine. Eventually after refreshing for a period (sometimes one refresh sometimes 10 minutes later) the dashboard begins working again. During those 10 minutes where the dashboard doesn't load at all, you can still open a different tab and view searches and tickets. There is plenty of memory available. 

The one error that I'm seeing in the console is 

Data with key com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner:directIdeaIntegration.idea-editor-data-provider has already been claimed

This error is thrown both when the page loads and when it doesn't.

I'm stumped. Has anyone seen this before or have any tips on how to troubleshoot?


Thank you,


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