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I am attempting a refresh of our Dev Jira environment by importing a DB dump, created from the production DB via a pg_dumpall call.

I have imported this DB over our Dev environment by running /usr/pgsql-11/bin/psql -p 5434 -d postgres -f pg_dumpall.20211027.

The application on the application server was stopped before this import, and restarted after it.

However, some projects that are present in production, are missing from the Dev environment after this import.

Is there a different process I should or could use to achieve this? Do I need to copy any other directories from the DB or application server, from prod to dev? I found some articles suggesting copying the home directory, but I didn't see anything official from Atlassian in those threads as to whether that was safe, needed, or what the process should be for it.

In short, can you please advise how we should refresh our dev environment with the latest content from prod?

I asked this question to Atlassian support but they weren't able to offer any specific advice other than telling me to use our DB's native tools, which is exactly what doesn't seem to be working.



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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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November 10, 2021

Did you

  • Have the target test Jira completely shut down while restoring the database?
  • Synchronise the attachments (not essential, the test system will simply show "not found" if files are missing)
  • Run a full locking re-index on test after restoring and restarting it?

My guess is the third - your database has all the issues, but the index is out of date.

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The application on the application server was stopped while the DB was imported to the DB server.
I have not synchronised attachments, however an entire project is missing in the Dev environment, so if this is a problem, I think it's a bridge to cross later.
I have just now run a full re-index on the Dev environment. The new project is still not present.

Thanks for your help! Do you have any other suggestions?


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