Custom field is not applicable for the current project

Johannes November 20, 2020


I am having the issue that when I am trying to search for tickets with specific content in custom fields I can not even select them in the basic search. The error message says "<customField> is not applicable for the current project".image.png

What I have tried so far:

- changed the context of the custom field to match the project/issue type

- set the context of the custom field to be global

- check that a search template is set

- completed reindexing

- deleted the custom field and created a new one


It works fine for some of the (already existing) custom fields of this specific project, but not for others, but I have no idea why.

Does anybody know what the cause for this might be?


Thanks a lot!

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Ozren Vojnovic August 3, 2021

Hello there,

Just had the same issue, so here's the solution in case anyone else wanders to here.


  • Use advanced filter instead of basic


Very annoying, but at least it has a trivial solution :D

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Maxim Denisuk January 19, 2024

Heh, you will not believe but Advanced search works, if it replaces your naming to cf[....]...

So my example: I have extended my Field schema with custom fields named Location (there is a custom format).

When I'm trying to add this field to any filters (like search issue/filter board/etc..) I see the next thing:1-3.png

But, when I switched to the advanced filter JSM replaced "Location" with jsm-variables like cf[...], and after this field worked correctly.


p.s. Ive tried to use "Location = ..." and JSM showed The operator '~' is not supported by the 'Location' field. 

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Maxim Denisuk January 19, 2024

I have the same issue & no idea how to fix it

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Walter Buggenhout
Community Leader
Community Leader
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November 20, 2020

Maybe some fields are hidden through the project's field configuration?

Johannes December 3, 2020

Hi Walter,

thanks for your response.

No, the field is also added to the field configuration and not hidden.

Johannes December 3, 2020

The strange thing is that I can add this field as a column to the project's queues but I can not filter for it in this queue.

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