Crowd Directory in JIRA, user key different from username

Hans Pesata August 26, 2020


Crowd 3.7.0 (Build:#1270 - 2019-10-03)
Jira Server 8.5.2#805002-sha1:a66f935

We are using a LDAP Directory and a Crowd Directory in Jira.

The users from the LDAP Directory have the same values for "username" and "key", while the users form the Crowd Directory have different values:

username: myusername
key: JIRAUSERS2988

How can we mange to have the "key" with the same value as "username" with the Crowd Directory ?

Thanks in advance!


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Hans Pesata August 30, 2020


I found this link

which explains, why the user-key is now different from the user-name.

My concern was, that some of our scripts/plugins may use the user-name, when it comes to specifiy the user-key and therefore causing potential problems.

This situation is also mentioned in the article.


Dibyandu Roy September 7, 2020

If needed the script need to be modified to fetch the user-key by putting user id instead of directly considering user key as user id.

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Dibyandu Roy August 27, 2020

Would you please elaborate what is the issue you are facing with existing crowd user key? 

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