Can the order ranking of tickets in the Scrum and Kanban backlogs be synced?

jsiu April 5, 2021

My team is switching to using Scrum from Kanban for a project. I noticed upon creating a Scrum board that the backlog is sorted entirely by ticket # / issue keys. The board filters are the same. I was wondering if there was a way to have these be aligned without having to re-sort these all in Scrum as there are a lot of tickets in our backlog. 

I was unable to find a current solution based on searching various posts and tried searching looking through the various board options settings. I understand that the Kanban and Scrum boards are meant to be distinct due to different work system conventions (sprints vs continuous flow) and that's likely why these aren't aligned to begin with. Appreciate your help. 

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
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April 5, 2021

The simple answer is to use the same "order by" clause in the filters for the boards. 

In fact, you could just use the same saved filter for both boards, so that if you do have a reason to change it, you don't need to do it twice to make them match!

When you look at the board settings, you won't find that the issues on the new board are sorted by issue key, they're actually sorted by rank.  They look like they're sorted by key because each new issue is created with a lower rank than the existing issues.

jsiu April 5, 2021

Hey Nic, thanks for the response. I realized my issue and what you pointed out. They did have the same filter and ranking. My mistake was that I closed out some old sprints that a past admin/PM had set up and these polluted the ranking since this placed all of those legacy tickets at the top of the Scrum Backlog. After reviewing the list I did see the later tickets were sorted in the same order after that. Thanks!

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