Can't re-index Jira Cloud

Dmitry Tyomkin July 23, 2017

Newly created Jira Cloud instance. Re-indexing is not in the menu Admin -> System. Looking for guidance where to find the option. I am logged in as admin, part of jira-administrators group. 

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Dmitry Tyomkin August 15, 2017

Atlassian support responded, apparently they deprecated self-indexing in Cloud. "...we are currently upgrading our cloud infrastructure to make your Atlassian experience even better. A part of this change is that the old indexing functionality of JIRA has been deprecated. The most recent version of JIRA Cloud is no longer using the traditional indexing method and as such, the option to trigger a re-index has been removed."

Michael Collins January 16, 2019

I am having problems with my dashboadwidgets. My pie charts are visible to me as an admin, but are not visible to anyone else. That space just shows the error: An internal server error occurred when requesting resource .

Searching for a resolution, I found that I should "re-index" the site. Now I find that's not possible.

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George Stefanis April 24, 2020

this still is a problem for me as well - updated many fields and also noted that logged time is not reporting in apps like Tempo Timesheets - but when i open the logged work issue and then run my tempo report again, the data appears - whatever this automatic reindexing thing for cloud is that you claim works for cloud automagically now - is NOT working...

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Darlene Pado August 15, 2017

I did notice that indexing is being done internally as post functions, for example during transitions in a workflow.  Perhaps Atlassian has built-in the re-indexing into various functions so that it happens automatically? 

Emre Toptancı _OBSS_
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October 23, 2018

Those post-functions for reindex were always present by default in every transition but they reindex the individual issue. The reindex Dmitry is looking for reindexes the whole Jira system.

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Dmitry Tyomkin July 24, 2017

Thanks but there is no Indexing option under Advanced.

jeyaganeshn July 24, 2017

I am afraid! If you are an Administrator you should be able to see the option. Try contacting Atlassian Support.

Tomas Junger July 26, 2017

Hi, I have the same problem, after check in Admin-System-advanced. Indexing is missing there. 

Darlene Pado August 2, 2017

I have the same problem! Anyone find a solution? I've put a ticket with Atlassian support but awaiting response Thanks!

Jo Steele August 14, 2017

Same problem, and I'm an Admin. Did anyone hear of any issues?

Dmitry Tyomkin August 15, 2017

See my mesage below

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jeyaganeshn July 23, 2017

Find it under:

Admin-> System -> Advanced -> Indexing

tushar arora July 7, 2020

It's not present there. As mentioned below i think now index has been removed from latest cloud version

Timothy Bassett December 12, 2020

yer it has been removed.  The issue with the Atlassian community is they keep open a large number of old threads that are no longer relevant and people get confused between what is and is no longer relevant/accurate.  

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