Can a different column other than the right-most column trigger a burndown?

Robert Bono July 19, 2016

This question is in reference to Atlassian Documentation: How do Story Points get burnt down and reflected on the Burndown Chart

We currently have a five-column Agile board:

To Do --> In Progress --> Under Review --> Awaiting Deployment --> Done

Each column represents a key step in our process - we start work (In Progress), and when we think we're done, we ask the client to review it (Under Review). Once they've accepted it, we package it up and make it ready for a weekly deployment (Awaiting Deployment). Only after it's deployed, it becomes, finally, "Done."

This leads to problems with our burndown charts and our sprints. Rather than a smooth burndown line, we only get two big cliffs during our two-week sprint, because we deploy weekly, and after deployment it becomes "Done."

What I would like to do is have story points burn down when the work goes into the "Awaiting Deployment" column, or the "Done" column (some stories are configuration and don't require deployment).

However, from what I'm seeing here, the only way that story points in JIRA are ever burned down is when stories are dragged in the right-most column. Is this really true? Is there no way, not even with a workflow post function, to burn down points when a story hits a column that isn't the farthest to the right? 

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July 19, 2016

There are 2 options where JIRA Software can consider a burndown (hence a change in the burndown charts).

  • Logging Time (burndown will work with Estimated/Remaining Estimate values)
  • Closing an Issue which in JIRA terms, setting a resolution value (burndown will work with Story Points)

So depending on what you need here, you can use option 1. If you really need to use option 2, there are options in the Agile board to set resolution on any column (regardless of status).

If you have the correct permission, go the "Board > Configuration > Columns >Estimation" then choose what setting do you like.

Robert Bono July 20, 2016

Hi Gabrielle! Thanks for the quick answer. 

We're only using Story Points (we don't do time logging or estimation), so option 1 listed here won't align with the current process. 

For option 2, "Closing An Issue," I've already tried using a Post function in our Workflow to set a Resolution when we transition into the "Awaiting Deployment" column. When I drag an issue into that column, I can see that a resolution is set (the Issue title gets strikethrough and the issue's Resolution field updates), but the story points still won't burn down until the task lands in the very last column to the far-right.

Here's what the burndown chart data table looks like currently (with resolutions set on any transition into "Awaiting Deployment"):

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.56.13 AM.png 

 So when I drag the task into the very last column ("Done"), I get a burndown and a log in the data table as "Issue Completed." (This is expected behavior). But when I drag the task back out into the "Awaiting Deployment" column (which also sets a resolution via Workflow post function), it logs as "Issue Reopened" and the story points burn back up. 

The way we'd like it to work is that the issue is still considered "Completed" regardless of whether it's in the "Awaiting Deployment" column or the "Done" column and the points burn down when the issue transitions into either column.

For reference, this is what our "Estimation" screen and "Column" screens look like on our board currently:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.01.52 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.02.08 AM.png 

And here's a task that is in the "Awaiting Deployment" column, with a resolution set, but for which points have not yet burned down:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.04.09 AM.png



Eric Roblin February 7, 2017


I'm interrested in finding a way to do that too !

Eduard Morales April 19, 2017

Hello everyone. We are facing the same problem here.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Eduard Morales April 19, 2017

Hi, we used a solution found in another thread. 

Basically we have changed to use the remaining time estimates instead of points burn down, and we have a trigger set up to automatically set the remaining time to 0 when a ticket is moved to our "done" status (prior to the "released" one)

(Original solution link)


JD Lobue April 8, 2020

Not sure why Atlassian does not allow multiple statues to be reflected as a completed status for burndown/burnups. Using an empirical process, the dev team meets their definition of done and then a Product Owner accepts the work. Both of those statues should be able to be considered complete and be reflected in any burndown/burnup. Atlassian - make it so!

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Marjorie Davila Dale Dutra November 24, 2020

Has anyone figured this out? Atlassian, is it already a new feature? Can we add more than one column to be in the burndown chart? 

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