Can Subtasks be displayed on the Project Roadmap

Tmapes January 15, 2020

I am looking to have a subtask be displayed under an issue and displayed on the Roadmap.

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Earl McCutcheon
Atlassian Team
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January 16, 2020

Hello @Tmapes ,

Thanks for reaching out and providing feedback on this, and viewing subtasks in the roadmap is not currently avaliable but is something we can look into.

First and for future referance the following Story is a collection of all the Next-Gen related feature requests which are being tracked for upcoming features as Sub-Tasks of the following issue, which you can look at to see what other features are currently being worked on as well as what has already shipped:

Next I have created the following Sub-Task of the story mentioned above to track interest in your request of having an option to Drill down to the subtasks within the roadmap view, make sure to add a vote to help us track interest for prioritization efforts as covered in the "Implementation of New Features Policy":

And one additional point of visibility to stay informed on upcoming features for soon to be completed features, the following Link is our public roadmap noting the currently in development features next in the pipeline under the "In the works" section that I recomend checking out and keeping an eye on to stay up to date on whats new:


_PO_ Roman Dianov June 7, 2023

Once again I can confirm that Jira product managers do not use it for their own work. Such a basic feature and it is still missing three years after it was requested. How am I supposed to use roadmap if I only see few of my tasks? 

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KK Gupta October 26, 2020

By when this feature will come? 

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Irwanto Mursetiono January 20, 2021

Already 1 year and no update regarding this feature :-(

최지수 January 7, 2022

Yeah....... :-( 

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See Yin Tan September 27, 2020

Are subtasks available to show in roadmap now? 🥺

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Igor November 17, 2020

Any news about that one? ;)

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Maggie Q February 2, 2022

how's this going it's 2022?

Trent Murray July 27, 2022

haha "I'm new here". Clearly very new to how Atlassian works. There are still pretty important (to the original users of their software) issues outstanding since 2003. Gives you an idea of their pace when it comes to actually useful feature requests.

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Kristine Gemici May 5, 2022

Agree that this is need! Is there any update on when this would be available? 

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BJKCHEN April 15, 2021

My boss just asks why your subtasks have not progressing target show in roadmap...then what can I say?

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Jim Rhoné January 25, 2021


Any updates regarding this feature?


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Andre Menezes November 23, 2021

Any news about it? Almost 2 years..

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Désirée Bäder July 14, 2022

Any news on this issue?

Désirée Bäder September 21, 2022

Thanks, I will definetely have a look! Cheers, Desi

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Natalya Nazario March 14, 2022

It's been over 2 years...why is this not a feature? If you are not going to develop this as a feature, then what is a workaround when dealing with company-managed projects?

David Berclaz
Community Leader
Community Leader
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April 5, 2022

Hi @Natalya Nazario

For the time being, the only workaround seems to be this one -> Timeline Settings
Sub-tasks can be displayed on the Roadmap with Time Squad App - free up to 10 users.

Have a nice day,


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RobinBastiaan February 25, 2021

Seeing we are all lacking any feedback from the Atlassian Team, I am wondering if this community platform is the correct place to be able to follow Jira development. I would like to be more involved into the Jira development process, as we are all waiting for this crucial functionality for over a year now.

Is there such place?

integrateus April 21, 2021

I watched a bitbucket ticket with 300 comments from community get closed by Atlassian due to "not enough interest" and that was their only interaction with the request. 

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Rich Schliep April 21, 2021

This works fine for me. I have a plan setup and can see all levels on the plan: Initiative > Epic > Task > Sub-Task. 

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mochadwi November 1, 2021

What is Plan did you refer? is it roadmap or a Board?

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Dominik Spescha February 7, 2023

Hi @mochadwi 
Yes, Plan is refered to Advanced Roadmaps. There you can show Sub-Tasks.

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Danuka Rajapaksha February 8, 2021

Is it that hard to implement this feature and shipped out soon?

RobinBastiaan October 21, 2022

I think it is more a matter of priorities for the development team. This should not take too long I thing if they really wanted to. With great anticipation we are still waiting...

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Lucas Resende Tavares December 1, 2020

I can't believe that this is that difficult to do.

It's impossible to create a full non TI people readable detailed by issues and tasks epic status/progress report.

Improve your query on classic project Roadmap, please. 

It's simple, "just create a little button" "ShowSubtasks" that creates another "select subtasks for clicked story Id" . and place a new tree level on Brilliant Roadmap feature. (Hahaha...)

Akshay Dhyani April 4, 2022

you got me their Lucas. I was searching for "ShowSubtasks".

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Lucas Resende Tavares May 3, 2023

You're welcome.

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Rich Schliep April 21, 2021

It appears that if you set your filter correctly and select initiative to sub-tasks on your Hierarchy sub-tasks to show-up on the plan now.

Ioannis Tsouvalas April 27, 2021

Thanks for sharing @Rich Schliep . Mind elaborating further on the steps you are referring to?

Michal Klucz April 30, 2021

@Rich Schliep but you are mentioning Plan, not Roadmap. 

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Leonardo Mayo October 23, 2023

We've been asking for this feature for 3 years. It's a much-needed planner. Otherwise, there is no visual of the actual volume of tasks in the roadmap. The worst. is that this query is repeated in various threads in the community

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Simon Fortune February 12, 2023

In the project settings for the roadmap, enable Child Level Issue Scheduling. Then you can adjust the dates on the issue and it rolls up to the epic. 


Aaron Emerick May 3, 2023

@Simon Fortune I've confirmed this setting is enabled for my roadmap.

With the hierarchical structure "epic -> task -> sub-task", even after configuring a start date and due date for the sub-tasks, I do not see them in my roadmap.  (epics and tasks do show up, just not the sub-tasks)

Any advice?

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Simon Fortune May 15, 2023

It looks like the roadmap only supports the tasks or issues with a direct parent of Epic. So the subtask doesn't have a direct link to the epic and so it doesn't show up. Looks like a limitation of roadmaps.

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