Any way to automate filters?

Shay Subramanian June 20, 2019

For example, I want to find the release defects we fixed in our past 6 releases. We have a such a field (release fixed) in RDs. But every 2 mos. I have to go in and change the query. Is there any way to automate this? Thanks.

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Fabio Racobaldo _Herzum_
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January 18, 2023

Hi @Shay Subramanian ,

you can use releasedVersions() function in order to select all released version. In that way you don't need to edit your filter each time.


Perform searches based on the released versions (i.e. versions that your JIRA administrator has released) of a specified project. You can also search on the released versions of all projects, by omitting the project parameter. See also latestReleasedVersion().

Supported fields AffectedVersion, FixVersion, custom fields of type Version
Supported operators IN , NOT IN
Unsupported operators = , != , ~ , !~ , > , >= , < , <= IS , IS NOT , WAS , WAS IN , WAS NOT , WAS NOT IN , CHANGED
  • Find issues whose FixVersion is a released version of the ABC project:
    fixVersion in releasedVersions(ABC)

  • Find issues that relate to released versions of the ABC project:
    (affectedVersion in releasedVersions(ABC)) or (fixVersion in releasedVersions(ABC))

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