Adding the correct JQL to 3 new swim lanes for demand impact and feasibility?

Karen_price February 17, 2020

Afternoon, I am new to Kira how do I add 3 new swim lanes to jira titled demand, impact and feasibility would it be under queries and if so what is the correct JQL please?

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czendo February 17, 2020

Hi Karen,


this depends on the exact names of the custom fields and how you want to split the swimlanes.

If this is about swimlanes for all issues that have any value in the custom fields, it could look like this:

Go to the Board -> Board Configuration -> Swimlanes -> Base Swimlanes on Queries.

Query 1: "demand IS NOT EMPTY"

Query 2: "impact IS NOT EMPTY"

Query 3: "feasibility IS NOT EMPTY"


Please keep in mind that the issues are split into the swimlanes by this query and not by drag-and-drop.


If this does not help, maybe you can provide more detailed information on what you need.

Karen_price February 17, 2020

Thanks for your reply basically the first column is receipt of request  but needs to be broken down before goes any further so the idea was impact demand and feasibility with the view to take forward or close hope that makes sense?

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