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Jira remains the go-to solution for project management and issue tracking. While Jira is loved by tech folks and over 65K global companies, it is often criticized for its unappealing UI and unnecessary complexity. Another trade-off with Jira is that even though it’s mobile-friendly, it doesn’t solve one of the most nagging workplace issues – the need to switch between multiple interfaces. The latter consumes precious work time and clutters your employees’ attention span.

A battle-tested solution to this inconvenience is integrating Jira with your favorite messenger. We didn’t want to create yet another Slack-for-Jira chatbot, so we explored the market further and settled on Telegram.

Our primary aim was to develop a handy Telegram bot for Jira to help project managers and other team members stay updated wherever they are, discuss Jira tickets within one interface, and collaborate in group chats.


All of the MyJiraBot commands revolve around three main functionalities active Jira users rely on the day-to-day:

🔺 Retrieve Data from Jira. Type /list unresolved to receive all unresolved tickets assigned to you, a specific user, or the entire project. The /list status command allows viewing all tickets, whether yours, someone else’s, or related to the project, with the chosen status.

If you need to group tickets differently, create a customized filter in Jira and use /filter to access it while away from your computer. Last but not least, use /time to view hours spent on a task or project or the time logged by a user within the selected period.

🔺 Receive Notifications from Jira. Here we have one primary command, which is /watch. The latter allows users to get notifications when they are tagged in a comment, assigned a new ticket, or updated their existing access. It is also possible to subscribe to project updates to see assignee changes, recent comments, new tasks and subtasks created, etc. To view the list of subscriptions, proceed with /watchlist.

Unlike Jira notifications to email, which may come with a delay, MyJiraBot notifications are instant. Another advantage of our Telegram chatbot is that you can receive updates on multiple devices, including wearables like Apple Watch. If you need to unsubscribe from updates on projects or specific tickets,/unwatch. 

🔺Schedule Jira Reports. The /schedule command automates data retrieval based on personal preferences with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. It has numerous use cases. Suppose you’d like to start your day with unresolved high-priority tickets, so you create a respective Jira filter and link it to a daily report. Another scenario – you want all tickets waiting for your feedback to be sent to you by 9 a.m., and just like that, the bot filled your afternoon schedule.

The schedule command is also helpful in preventing bottlenecks and tracking issue progress. First, create a filter in Jira that shows tickets with no status changes within a select period. Then schedule daily or weekly updates based on this filter to easily spot tasks no one has yet worked on and take action.

MyJiraBot supports both Jira Server and Jira Cloud. While Jira Cloud users can install the bot in a few taps by following a Telegram link, Jira Server users require a one-time admin intervention to configure webhooks.

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Василий February 17, 2022

HI, cool. What about privacy?

Like Ruslana Smirnova likes this
Ruslana Smirnova May 23, 2022

The password is cached, and not stored in its original form. When discounting, all user data is erased, so the bot doesn't save any data to access your account.

Vsevolod Romanchenko August 18, 2022

Greetings! Will your team add the "Create issue" button to your bot?

Ruslana Smirnova February 21, 2023

@Vsevolod Romanchenko it's not it the roadmap yet, but thank you for the suggestion! We'll do this if see more requests like that from users. 


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