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How do you report JIRA bugs to actually initiate a bug fix (or acknowledgement response)

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
March 4, 2018


I'm a quite seasoned programmer who has been working with JIRA for many years now in various projects, but I've never really taken the time to learn the tool properly and administrate it for any project myself. Now I have, and I'm a bit surprised and irritated that I find so many odd, easy-to-fix bugs in it. When I have reported it using the JIRA "give feedback" link I get no response what so ever. I get the impression that all bugs are sent in to this enormous backlog of bugs that will take a long time, if ever, for anyone to address. Is Atlassian one of these shit tech companies that only favors new features rather than fixing bugs? What is your experience here in the community?

Here's some of the bugs I've found:

1) Trying to create a sprint having set the culture to Swedish and choosing the start and end time of the sprint using their own DateTime picker. Click the start button I get the error message that it's not in the correct format... It's seems like the validation logic is using english culture setting although I've chosen a Swedish one. Since I used their date picker to pick the date and did not adjust it, it should be a bug. I guess everyone is using English and so will I as the workround. But still? why no testing the user interface if you provide different cultures to choose from?

2) I signed up my user account with a name to Atlassian. Now that I want to to change it and in the profile I get transferred to some Atlassian "base web site" to do so. I change the name and save successfully, but for the post I've done before (different account) the name does not change. There's no way to change the name even though the GUI states it is possible. Embarrasing data distribution bug.

3) I created a Kanban project. I'm the only one with an account so far. I create various task and add to Kanban. When I try to delete these tasks in the JIRA GUI I get the message that I don't have privileges to do so. There's no way to remove completed task and they just have to be piled up in the DONE column. How can I be the only one in the project group and still don't have privilege to delete the tasks that I have created myself. But maybe there is some workaround for this that I can use? Anyone?

So. To be honest, I feel a bit pissed off that these bugs exists in the first place. But perhaps there are work around or some valid other correct way to work in JIRA. Please enlighten me (or share what other problems you have found). Perhaps if we discuss this topic, maybe, maybe the Atlassian company will focus a bit more on fixing reported bugs? Also giving some feedback of the status the reported bug would be nice. But perhaps I have missed a better bug reporting system than the "give feedback" link?






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