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Frequently asked questions - about the beta program (and pricing model post beta)

What will the pricing for Jira Product Discovery be?

Please pop over to this article to learn everything about pricing:



Is Jira Product Discovery included in my Jira Software license?

No, Jira Product Discovery is a stand-alone product.


Is Jira Product Discovery here to stay?

Jira Product Discovery Beta is currently part of Point A, where Atlassian incubates new products. Jira Product Discovery will definitely graduate from beta to GA (General Availability). It has become an essential tool already for thousands of customers, Atlassian included, and we are excited to get it into more hands. We don’t have a GA date just yet to share but will email once ready. It will remain free until GA. 


What levels of support are available for Jira Product Discovery Beta?

Support for Jira Product Discovery Beta is provided by the team building the product, like most Point A products. We do this so we can stay close to customers and continue to iterate fast. We strive to be timely in answering questions and listen intently to feedback to make changes in the product.

Once the product moves from Beta to GA, the support will be provided by the Atlassian Support organization as with our other Jira products (ex. Jira Software, Jira Service Management).


What happens when Jira Product Discovery graduates from Beta and becomes Generally Available (GA) - will the projects be converted to GA or will they be removed?

Once Jira Product Discovery graduates to GA, your projects will work exactly as they did during the beta and you won’t need to do any kind of migration. We will communicate early and often when that change is coming.


How much will Jira Product Discovery cost when it becomes GA?

Please pop over to this article to learn everything about pricing:




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Kevin Gérard April 19, 2022

Hopefully we can learn some pricing details or directions soon, as it is holding us back to fully 'commit' on the tool. We currently are refraining from actually starting to use it on scale, because we don't want to be forced to rebuilt in a different project. 

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sharon.prajzner April 19, 2022

Agreed, even a pricing assumption would be helpful since the cost of Jira portfolio and Jira work are so different.  A cost similar to portfolio would not be possible for us.

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Julia Hall {Appfire} May 25, 2022

Same here. We love it. However we want to understand the licensing model. Also, if we create any data ... even if we do not sign up, will the data remain available? will this app also have the 10 user free limit? thank you

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Gavin Coyle June 2, 2022

Is there a link to the privacy and terms and agreements we agreed to when signing up for the beta?

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Jeremy West June 2, 2022

Agree with other comments, disclosure of a pricing model is currently holding us back from progressing any deeper from existing roadmapping tools.

It would be also good to understand if we can provide restricted access to this component once released as only a smaller handful of users will use this compared to jira. Having to pay for the 50 odd users in Jira for something not everyone will use has always been a major pain.

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Diluk De Silva June 11, 2022

Same here.... i've played around with it and it ticks all the boxes and feel this will add a great deal of value. We have a alternative tool, but I really don't want to migrate without having an indication of the pricing model.  

Edele Gormley June 22, 2022

Is there an option for an organization to accept the "Early Access Program terms of service" on behalf of all users instead of each individual needing to accept these?

Marc Koppelaar
Rising Star
Rising Star
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June 28, 2022

We love it.

However we want to understand the licensing model and any cost relation.

I see above the same has been mentioned, but no response.

We need more detailed information. Our users are keen on using the product, but management wants to know the implications on licensing and cost.



Dave Nicholson June 28, 2022

Seems logical that this would be included in Cloud Premium unless there is a significant increase in functionality. 

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Bob Ouellette June 30, 2022

When will we get clarity on the pricing model. Need these details to even give it a try.

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Stephen.Marsh August 4, 2022

Hi, is there any update regarding the pricing model yet?

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Steve Whitaker August 11, 2022

Hi, I just wanted to add to the growing list that to properly trial this beta functionality in anger requires significant investment for our business. I do not want to waste our teams time if the end cost is just not viable. I am going to hold off now until there is an answer on this thread.

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John McKiernan August 12, 2022

Hey @Steve Whitakerand others who have asked this question recently. First of all, nice to meet you, I've joined the Jira Product Discovery Team recently so you'll see more of me here in the community :) 

Apologies about the lack of response here. I know it's hard to properly throw yourself into a product without knowing what the pricing will be so I appreciate you staying patient with us and continuing to use JPD. 

We are working hard to get the pricing and packaging right. Jira Product Discovery will remain free until January at least but we should have guidance on what the pricing will be before then. I apologise I can't give more exact details but I'll update the community and all customers the moment we have it.

Ideally we would have shared details earlier so you could plan for the months ahead. We will definitely take that learning for next time. 

Any other questions, just let me know.



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Nick Watts August 23, 2022

I agree with the comments above, we need some clarity or ballpark figures on pricing or we cannot spend the investment of time, getting this product up and running.

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Philip Wroblewski August 29, 2022

Hi @John McKiernan the functionality looks useful but we'd also park really trying it until at least ballpark pricing is known, otherwise its a big time investment with unknown later costs.

At the very least, a way to export all data to Excel/CSV would be needed to migrate off later, but I couldn't see any menus for this. Do you know if an export is available?



Nicole Downes August 29, 2022

@Tanguy Crusson Can we install and test this in our Sandbox environment during the Beta phase, and not have it in our production environment?  

Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 30, 2022

@Nicole Downes new Atlassian products from Point A like Jira Product Discovery are not supported in sandbox environments. However you can create any number of new sites with the product to test it, it's free during beta. 

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John McKiernan August 31, 2022

Hey @Philip Wroblewski

Yep I can definitely understand where you are coming from. However, I'd encourage you to give it a try because: 

a) It's amazing (no bias here...)

b) You can indeed import/export if needed down the line. 

To export, you just need to go to the search issues >export section as per screenshot below. Cheers!

Import_export Jira issues.png

Gordon Roberts September 20, 2022

@John McKiernan - we are of the same mindset as the others. We won't invest any time into looking at this tool without an indication of pricing.

Please let us know if any indicative pricing would be at all forthcoming, for the duration of the beta.

If pricing information will be given before the beta ends, great - once we get that, we'll take a look at your product. However, if you can't give pricing (or can't confirm if you will be able to indicate pricing) during the beta, I will have to uninstall the beta version and tell my users to forget about this tooling and invest their time in other software, that we know up-front we would actually consider paying for

I don't mean to be harsh, but it would be a waste of time (and thus money) for us to look at any software, without knowing if the pricing would be a blocker to our adopting it.

It seems I am not the only one of your potential customers who feels this way. I hope you are able to listen to our feedback on this point. Thanks

Alexandre De Carli September 20, 2022

@John McKiernan1, can you anticipate us if the pricing model will be priced for the all Jira Software users or will be separated from normal Jira Software user licences (like Confluence)?

It's important for us...

Will JPD be accessed for viewers? (free for viewers)

John McKiernan September 21, 2022

Hi @Gordon Roberts @Alexandre De Carli ,

I completely understand where you are coming from and I would be asking the same question in your shoes. 

We have been focused deeply on the product for the past year but ideally would have published and shared the pricing earlier. We will do better next time. I know it's hard to plan budgets and resources without this.

@Gordon Roberts - we will let you know about pricing during beta, before GA so there won't be any shocks. 

@Alexandre De Carli - we are ironing out the final details here. 

The very second, I have the greenlight, I will update this post and email all of our beta users. 

I really appreciate your patience with us and hope you continue to use JPD! 

Any other questions, please let me know. 

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Alexandre De Carli September 23, 2022

Thank you! I'll apreciate receiving the update 😊

Philip Teo September 29, 2022

Looking forward to understanding the indicative licensing cost.

David Nadri September 30, 2022

Hi @John McKiernan - there was a notification just today about the Atlas product:

"With the introduction of pricing, every feature currently available to you will be included in the Free plan at a cost of (you guessed it) $0 per month for up to 35,000 users."

Will Jira Product Discovery follow the same model, or at least also offer every feature currently available in the beta in a 'Free' JPD plan?

We're now starting to test different tools for creating a high-level roadmap internally & externally and I'm struggling to get my team to invest time in playing with JPD as they keep asking me to provide this pricing info. 

cc: @Tanguy Crusson  

John McKiernan
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 10, 2022

Hey @David Nadri ,

Apologies for the slow response, just back from a week's leave. 

Yes indeed Atlas have gone to GA now and we hope to get a similar update to you sooner rather than later. I do want to call out though that they are very different products so pricing and packaging will differ. Our goal is always to make it extremely competitive though.

I know it is frustrating waiting for us to deliver the pricing so I really appreciate the patience. I will update here the moment I can. 



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