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approvals in assignee change in JIRA.

Suryaprakash Thonupunuri May 9, 2021

My Use case as follows.

I have Task (or sub task) in JIRA project.  when i assign my Task to another JIRA user, assignment was success .

Currently Task is assigned to person 'X' and Person X assigned this task to 'Y', assignment attempted and it is success , now the task is assigned to 'Y'.

but I'm looking different approach/scenario.

in my use case, when Person X assigned task to Y, it should Request approval (yes or no) from Y, If Y approves (i.e. Yes from Person Y) the Task gets assigned in the name of Y else it must be in the name X. 

till Y acknowledges (Yes or no), the Task must be in X name only. 

Any solution(s), pls comment.

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Suhas P
Rising Star
Rising Star
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May 9, 2021

I think you are complicating the process. It is advisable to keep the process simple as it will have low maintenance in the future. In your use case, why can't the current assignee (X) just comment on the issue by mentioning the person (Y), then person Y can assign the task to himself.

Or you could have an additional transition (button) (Person X transition the task) like Waiting for Team A (Example, Waiting for Testing), and then another team/person will pick the task from there. Additionally, you can send an email to the team/person when the task is in that status.

Suryaprakash Thonupunuri May 9, 2021

on the lighter note, I do accept that making the process complicated. But here are my comments.

our team connected remotely and from (i.e. Geo-graphically) all over the Globe. The tasks were lined up (as per project) and we are looking for Tailored process though it is complicated, ( im even looking better than this ) but intend to  help Project monitoring/ Live tacking. 

1. initially applied data from comment section, but not helping anyways. i.e. Ground reality is different.

2. The other idea Waiting for Team A is something on Work flow based.  it is in-place. my use case was different .

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