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Using Flags in Jira vs. Confluence Decision log to more efficiently track decisions

A_Raadls October 10, 2018

Hi, I have been struggling with finding a way to account for the multitude of decisions we have going on daily at my web publishing company.  This ranges from decisions about whether to move a developer to another task, to buying a certain kind of computer. I've looked at the Confluence Decision Log, but it is clearly designed to circulate ideas around multiple people and get feedback.  My need is to identify situations when work gets held up, see those in one place, and track the decision made so the work can move on.

I had an idea to use the flags on tasks in Jira to handle all this.  If there is an ongoing task that in mid-stream needs a decision, I'd simply flag it, and in the comments describe the decision.  I'd like to also be able to change the status to "Decision Needed," which I thought I could accomplish but giving every project that status in a custom workflow.  However, in the case of new decisions not coming mid stream, I thought about simply creating new tasks, which would simply represent the decision needed.  They would get flagged right as they are created, and also link to any other existing task/issue if need be.  

I was hoping to put all this in an easily accessible dashboard in Jira, and set up a sort of "decision log" of my own that would be able to be accessed later, showing when a task got into this status, how long it stayed there, and what was the resolution (which would be a comment made in every task 'unflagged' at the time of the flag being removed.  

I'd be grateful for feedback on this method, and any hints on how to set up the dashboard, filter, or board even? to track the flagged issues that get moved to "decision needed"


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Zoryana Bohutska _SaaSJet_
Marketplace Partner
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January 8, 2019

Hello A Raadls

Your idea is interesting and really valuable. Currently, I haven't found any add-ons that allow using flags to handle tasks in Jira.

But I know one cool add-on Time in status for Jira Cloud by SaaSJet that might meet your need. With this add-on, you can measure and generate reports of how long your task has been staying in a specific status. This plugin will help you to identify the situations when work is holding up. By using it, you can easily avoid wasting time on unproductive delays in your working processes.

Hope, this is interesting for you.


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