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The Security Level of an issue should be more clear

Andrea Ligios
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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May 19, 2021

We have a lot of open-source projects, and their Security Level is mixed. Some of them have public JIRA issues, others have private JIRA issues.

It's hard to understand whether the issue we're working on is private or public.

Right now, the interface has the following problems:

  1. INCONSISTENCY: the padlock icon is not always there.

    The behavior should be consistent, an indicator that might or might not be there is a violation of the POLA. The image below is taken from an issue not visible to the public, but still, without any indicator confirming it, it's identical to one that is visible to the public:

    Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 10-02-00 [DEVOPS-22] PollInterval is not respected in FLUX configuration - Jira.png
  2. WRONG COLORS: the closed padlock is red. It should be the opposite.

    The RED immediately catches the eye, and it's used to represent a danger, an error, or a stop. We should see the open padlock as red because we need to pay attention to what we write (everyone will be able to read it), and a closed padlock with a safe color like green, since there's nothing we should worry about. Jakob Nielsen docet.
    The icon helps to cope with the color-blindness inability to read a semaphore.

    Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 10-02-31 [ACA-4476] Publish final ACA versions on Docker Hub too (or decide another strategy) - Jira.png
  3. POOR VISIBILITY: when the value is present, one needs to search for it, and if they don't know it's there, it might go unnoticed even when is red.

    This is not some secondary metadata, this is paramount to know before starting to write a single letter, it should not be mixed amongst the "give feedback" and the "watchers" icons.
    It should be big, visible, and crystal clear in its meaning.

Right now, it's like if driving a car we should rely on:

  • a red semaphore to know that it's safe to pass
  • the complete absence of the semaphore to know that we must stop at the crossroad

, which is nonsense.

PLEASE, fix this.



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