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Show me your workflows!

Joshua McManus January 17, 2019

So I've been a Jira user for about 7 years now, and most of that time was as a Scrum Master and Delivery/Project Manager. I'm now at an organization where I'm driving all Project Management, including Jira administration, and I'm having a lot of fun discovering solutions that I didn't even know were available. I'd love to share some of the workflows I've discovered, and I'm interested in learning from you!

Here's a workflow we're using for bugs:  It's a rather complicated workflow to view, but I've set conditions and parameters to try to simplify it for the user.

Bug Workflow.pngI use a few custom fields in this workflow: Developer (single user), QA Person (single user), Bug Environment (single picker), as well as a BitBucket integration with Git. Bug Environment is required on creation, with options of Sandbox, .Works (our staging/UAT environment), and Production. On create, I default to copy the Reporter field to the QA Person field, and I assign to current user on "In Progress" and copy assignee to Developer field on "Push to Sandbox" or "Push to .Works". Once a ticket is in Pushed to Sandbox/.Works, I choose what transition to show based on what the Bug Environment is. If a ticket is Pushed to Sandbox and the Bug Environment is Sandbox, then I allow the user to Resolve on Sandbox...otherwise it just goes to Verified on Sandbox. The assignee is automatically set to either Developer or QA Person depending on who has the action item on the status, and I use a bitbucket trigger to transition an In Progress ticket to Waiting on Pull Request.

One other thing I've done which has proven to be REALLY helpful, is that I created a new subtask issuetype called a Story Bug. It uses the same workflow as the standard bug, except that it is directly tied to the story it's related to. The nice thing about this is that in a Sprint it becomes very easy to see what bugs are impacting our ability to resolve a story...because issue links just aren't quite visual enough to easily see what's left to finish a story out.

Let me see what workflows you've created that you love, and please let me know if you'd be interested in checking out the details of mine!



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