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Recommended Workflow for Multiple Projects in New Jira Experience

Chad Kennedy January 15, 2018

What is the intended workflow for a small team with multiple projects to manage task priorities across those projects within the New Jira Experience?

For a while now we've used a Kanban board. There's a swimlane for each individual, and a column for each task state (Todo, In progress, etc). Within a given cell of the Kanban board (Joe's Todo, for example), multiple tasks from different projects are present. Priority is set by moving the task up or down within the cell.

However, per this article, "Previously, there were global boards that contained work from multiple projects. Those are a thing of the past." We interpret this to mean that while using a single Kanban board to manage multiple projects is still supported, it is not the recommended workflow.

We'd like to make sure we're following the Atlassian-recommended workflow for our use case so as to maximize compatibility and minimize friction between our workflow and Altassian's products.



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Chad Kennedy January 15, 2018

To clarify, I mean "workflow" in the general sense, not in the Jira-specific meaning.

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January 15, 2018

I guess it is related to 


Since boards now have their own location, the sidebar displays options relating to the project that contains the board. Even if your board contains issues from several projects, the sidebar remains project-centric, giving you quick, navigation to the work related to your project and board.


Using boards covering multiple projects is still ok, but accessing them is different...

Kevin Smith January 26, 2018

I am utterly confused by this new model of having boards within projects. Every team I have worked with for the past 15 years has done work on multiple projects at a time. 

For my current teams, which have no permanent attachment to any one project, I think we'll have to create a project for each team (which won't actually have any issues in it), and have the team board inside that. Then the board can filter in tasks from whichever project(s) the team is actively working on at that time. 

I'm looking forward to hearing other answers, suggestions, questions, etc. on this topic. 

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