Rally to Jira Cloud Migration

Sai February 28, 2022

Hi Atlassian Family,

Creating a new Jira Discussion to discuss all the Steps needed for Migrating the Rally Projects to Jira ?

Challenges and problems faced while migrating from Rally to Jira ?

How to Overcome the challenges or Steps followed to bypass the problems faced. 

Integrate On Perm AD with Atlassian Cloud.

Enable SSO for Atlassian Cloud.


Thank you.



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OpsHub March 21, 2022

Hi Sai,

Migration projects are typically complex and require careful planning and strategy. The following factors should be considered before Rally to Jira Cloud migration.

1) Format change: Rally uses HTML for rich text formatting while Jira uses Wiki. So, you need to plan such formats conversion [Like how to convert HTML format to wiki for the data being migrated]

2) Sprint migration with Open State: If Sprints are being migrated, those need to be migrated with Open State until all other issue types are migrated. Finally, Sprint’s status needs to be reconciled as per Jira.

3) Model mismatch between different fields

4) Loss of entity context and activities: Opt for a solution which migrates the data with history to prevent loss of data.

5) Impact on user productivity: Plan the migration in such a way that the user is able to use the system during the migration so that it does have a negative impact on the overall organization operations.

For migration from Rally to Jira, there are two broad approaches:

1) Use csv-based export, import: Only basic data (like basic fields, simple description) can be migrated. This option will not preserve comments, attachments, and relationships. This becomes challenging with its own limitations in terms of import of limited number of issues and is tedious and error- prone when the size and complexity of the migration increases.

2) Use a 3rd part migration tool: This allows a seamless transition taking care of all the above-mentioned aspects so that you can experience a smooth and rich data migration without impacting your business continuity and productivity.

OpsHub has extensive experience in undertaking complex migration projects ensuring zero downtime, no data loss, systematic cut-over and factory approach. We are happy to help in your migration planning process. Please reach out to us for an initial free consultation on migration planning with our solutions architects.


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