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Project wide burn up chart

stu.patrick January 28, 2021


I'm working across a couple of scrum teams as part of a wider project.

I know we can get burn up charts from the reports at scrum team board level, but how can we create a burn up chart which pulls together all the boards within the larger project, so that people at project level can see from the project level burn up chart, what progress is being made and how likely we are to meet deadlines etc?

I'm thinking along the lines of a project board which pulls in all the epics for example (which contain all the stories in the backlogs each of the scrum teams are working through) and uses them as the basis of the reports; including the burn up chart.

Anyway, all ideas welcome.


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Rebecca C May 7, 2021

I am having a similar issue.  I would like to create project-wide charts similar to what is available on the scrum boards.  I would like to track the project's original estimate, remaining estimate & time spent over the course of the project so you can see how these numbers change over time.  We are constantly adding work but I can't find a chart to show that.  In tracking all 3 of these against the entire program/project I want to show we are going to need additional headcount to complete the effort.  I can't do this by release because we have multiple releases....

stu.patrick May 10, 2021

Hi Rebecca,

I feel I - or rather a fellow scrum master - may have found a decent solution to this and it's something already provided in JIRA's reports.

The Version Report looks like a good option to providing a type of burn up chart with the ability to combine multiple teams' stories. 

Here's a link to more info:

But essentially all you need to do is set up a new version and drag and drop the stories from backlogs into it and the burn up and projections will start to form.

Hope that helps.


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