Next-Gen: Manage Epics without Roadmap

Scrum Flower Boy April 16, 2019

Have you actually considered this? Because it's super complex and obscure.

If I remove the Roadmap feature from a next-gen project, Epics become nearly unmanageable. 

Here are some examples of the Epics experience when you have the Roadmap feature turned off:

  • You can only create an Epic via the big + button in the sidebar OR by creating a story/task and then changing its type to Epic.
  • You can't see a list of epics in the project (the epic filter does not count).
  • You can't open an epic and see its details like a regular issue (going to Jira > Issues does not count. This is you forcing me to go out of my project).
  • Since you can't open an epic you can't edit an epic.
  • You can't set an epic color when creating it via the + button. The color field is set to Purple and is not editable.
  • Issues no longer have an Epic field? The only representation of them being linked to an Epic is the label next to their name in the Backlog or that they are in the Epic swimlane on the Board. HOWEVER, if you just straight up open a detail view of an issue there's no way to know if it is linked to an Epic.

Those are major UX mistakes, people. You can not rely on people always having the Roadmap feature turned on so that they can manage their epics.



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