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New Jira interface with boards with cross project issues stuck in projects

A_Raadls April 17, 2018

Hi, I am in the process of setting up Jira and Jira Portfolio on an "all-in" arrangement.  We are a small web publisher, but have multiple non-development Project Management stuff that is badly handled right now - have looked at Asana, Wrike, etc. - even Trello - as solutions to that stuff, but in the end I think the entire Atlassian suite and its customizability will be the best for us.

We are taking our time setting up, and have been looking at boards as a great cornerstone of Jira.  I have been disappointed however to find out that it appears Boards, with their cross-project functionality I was counting on, have now gotten rolled up into projects so that there is no view of boards on their own.

I have read these articles about that closely, here:

and here:

deep within the 19 comments there are multiple users talking of the same issue.

I am trying to figure out a basic situation - which project should a board belong to if it has cross project items?  That seems less than obvious in most cases that I will be using.  The big issue for me is it seems like a real burden to first have to navigate within particular projects to see the boards in each, without the benefit of an overall "board view."  As a newcomer to Jira, I'd be glad to get some advice how I can surface a view with all boards in one place outside the projects where they are now forced to reside.




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Deleted user April 23, 2018

Hi @A_Raadls,

My suggestion would be to build a dashboard, even use the system dashboard as it is first page all users will see when logging into JIRA, with one column set up using the gadget Agile Wall Board as it is a mirror of one board you have chosen. Combine the Agile Wallboard gadget with the Projects List Gadget and the Sprint Health Gadget and you have great landing page for all users to start from. 

Since your existing board is set up to filter from multiple projects the gadget will not interfere with this. 

Let me know your thoughts, perhaps you have already explored this option. 

Hope this helps

Julia Vasilyeva May 15, 2018

Hi @A_Raadls

Have you looked at Targetprocess? I am in the process of evaluation of the Portfolio Management tool for similar client! We have 6 teams, a lot of works with different workflows and sometimes with dependencies between tasks. Looking for the tool to  see the dynamic updated status at every time by non-tool users (top management). One team uses JIRA, another MS Planner, other are just talking to each other...

Would be interersting to know what you have chosen by now. I have looked at Wrike,, ProjectPlan, Roadmunk, Kanbantool, etc...

A_Raadls May 2, 2019

Hi, and I know it's been a year, but...


We wound up sticking with Jira/Confluence but very reluctantly.  Have looked very closely at:


- Clickup - up and coming app which looks to have superior features to Monday/Wrike like ability to link issues in descriptions ala Jira, upcoming wiki/docs ala Confluence, and many others.  Hangup here is that is also forces a hierarchy and no real good native way to set up a view that is not forced to rely on a project, so if your issues are in two projects, you can't set up a way to track that activity easily, but they are set to improve this...

- - kind of a Jira "lite," far superior UX, and one big thing - they have Epics, with another level above them of "Milestone," that do not belong to projects!  Their epics are not even issues, which is the way it should be!  One of my continued hang ups with Jira, which even though they are improving and I'm looking forward to the Premium, the forced nature of boards and Epics - the tools you use to see the "big picture" of project management - into projects, is not a correct way to align and sort from the point of view of a database.  In essence a board is a subproject, an and issues are sub-epics because of this.

- Gave a hard look to the new stuff with DB's build in - Notion, Coda.  Seem way ahead of Atlassian with development speed, vision, etc. but too limiting for now with integrations.

- Slite - great looking Confluence alternative, but has some funny drawbacks like forced center-justify of text.  Confluence has this in the new editing experience, but I've just ready they are going to allow the option to move to the left thankfully. 

And @[deleted] thank you for that tip I will try it even though you posted it a year ago!  My hang-up, as I think you can see from above, continues to be that the board has to be associated with a project.  We are now using boards and sprints heavily, and it is cumbersome to see on the left nav when you are in a board the reference to the "home" project of the board.  Probably no chance this will ever change, although I have hope for the Jira Premium as it seems they are trying to move more quickly like some of the other mast moving apps more adapted to broader teams, and not just developers.

Deleted user May 4, 2019

Hi @A_Raadls ,

I’m glad I could help. Hopefully you find a solution to your tracking issue. 


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