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Lack of Team participation?

Brad Smith July 28, 2022

I want to reach out to the Atlassian community with a problem on my hands. 

Ive been tasked to help integrate Jira/Confluence into our daily work. We are an IT department and intend to use Jira to track our projects through the Epics, Tasks and Subtasks, and using the comments to provide frequent updates. We use Confluence to have a database of our findings, research or previous work logs. 

The team all has access to Jira/Confluence but are very reluctant to use it. Its seen as an extra step in their work. Ive given presentations over good practices in Jira as well as explaining the benefits in the system yet there is still a push back.

Has anyone else had this problem when introducing Jira to your teams? How did you handle it? Any advise is welcome.

For some more context, I am not a manager, I am a Project Assistant for the managers. They have asked me to look into this problem for them.


Thank yall for your help

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Jeanne Howe August 1, 2022

@Brad Smith I have run into this in the past. It is going to take a top-down approach. 

The biggest problem with Jira adoption was getting the managers, and their teams, to no longer accept phone calls, emails, or meeting discussions as action items. Their first response must always be "Please submit a ticket for this request".

If they are not responding in this manner Jira will never be fully integrated.


As for Confluence, we had a very similar issue. Users continuing to pass-around spreadsheets and word docs. Again we needed a top-down approach. Until we could get the managers to stop accepting the doc's and insist on a Confluence page, acceptance by the teams was slow. Once the managers insisted, acceptance grew very quickly. 

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