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How to make disctinct teams collaborate in Jira

VINCENT DUPONT December 14, 2022


in my organisation, some teams are using Jira for their own activities. But i'd like to extend the usage of Jira to more teams, and to let the people use Jira to address tasks or request from one team to another (and be able to monitor those requests).

Let's say a team software and a team Infrastructure

At first sight, I would say that team "software" can request a new piece of infrastructure to team "Infrastructure" by createing a new issue into the Infrastructure projet. But these are 2 different teams and do not share access to ones other project (cf people and permissions on the Project).

How could we solve this?

what is your experience?


(We have Jira Software and Jira Service Management licences)

Thank you

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Patrick Alexander December 14, 2022

Hi Vincent,

in this case i would use a issue security scheme. So you can restrict the issues in the Projekt to all teammembers of this project.

When there is a request from the other team, they can create it in the other Project and will see only this issue in this project.

Maybe this helps?

VINCENT DUPONT December 14, 2022

Hello, thanks for your reply.
I dont know the Issue Security Scheme. I'll have a look! 

I keep you informed


Patrick Alexander December 14, 2022

Nice. If you need further help with it, just let me know

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