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How to go from product user stories to developer implementation tickets

standardset June 3, 2017

This question really asks for "best-of-use" advice on how to use JIRA and JIRA/Portfolio to go from user stories that are created by product manager and actual development tasks that are created by the team to support the user stories created by the product manager.

At our organization, we started with Product Manager creating top level epics and under those epics, he created user stories.  For example, as an Epic he created User Management.  Under those epics, he created user stories such as create a user, update user, reset a password, login into the system, etc.

So, essentially, this is what we have right now in JIRA:

We wanted to get a general idea of how long these would take, so we met and discussed all the epics with the UI, backend, QA, DevOps, UI/UX guys on the project to get some rough estimates.  So now, for each epic, I have rough estimates for QA, DevOps, UI/UX and backend implementations.

These estimates allow me to create appropriate "fake" estimate tickets under each Epic, assign those to Teams in JIRA/Portfolio and get an idea of how long the project will take.

So, at this point, I have a few questions:

  1. Is JIRA an appropriate place to track Product Manager user stories?  

  2. Once developers are starting to create their implementation tickets how do they associate them to Product Manager's user stories?  Since the Product Manager already used the Epic construct and created Stories under that, how do we create development stories such that they can roll up into Product Created stories? 

  3. I have a bunch of tickets created called "Estimate: QA", "Estimate: UI", "Estimate: Backend", which are currently used in my JIRA/Portfolio for forecasting.  These estimates are not broken out by Product Manager Stories (create a user, reset password, etc.), but rather at the entire Epic Level (User Management).  How do I go from these general estimates to more detailed estimates as developers begin to implement the tasks?
  4. Obviously, each user story needs to be implemented by a few developers.  The backend folks create the API, the UI folks create the screens, the UI/UX does the design, QA works on automated test cases.  What is the best way to link these efforts to a single user story?  Do I clone each of the tickets for each of the type of developer and Prepend UI:, QA:, DevOps: to the description?

Are there some documents or processes which are written on how to use JIRA to effectively manage/track/administer a project from start to finish?






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