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How do we Map custom field ids to custom field names

venkateswarlu August 13, 2019

I have integrated Jira with other remote systems and it has given the responce in JSON like this






                                                <resolution />

                                                <customfield_10510 />

                                                <customfield_10500 />

                                                <customfield_10501 />

                                                <customfield_11710 />

                                                <customfield_10503 />

                                                <customfield_10504 />

                                                <customfield_10505 />

                                                <customfield_10506 />

                                                <customfield_10507 />

                                                <customfield_10508 />

                                                <customfield_10509 />








                                                <customfield_10102 />

                                                <customfield_11700 />

                                                <customfield_11702 />

                                                <customfield_11701 />

                                                <customfield_11704 />

                                                <timeestimate />

                                                <aggregatetimeoriginalestimate />

                                                <customfield_11706 />

                                                <customfield_11705 />

                                                <customfield_11707 />

                                                <customfield_11709 />

                                                <assignee />





                                                                <name>To Do</name>







                                                                                <name>To Do</name>



                                                <customfield_12110 />

                                                <customfield_12111 />

                                                <customfield_10210 />

                                                <customfield_12114 />

                                                <customfield_10211 />

                                                <customfield_12113 />

                                                <customfield_10203 />

                                                <customfield_12107 />

                                                <customfield_10204 />

                                                <customfield_12106 />

                                                <customfield_10205 />

                                                <customfield_12109 />

                                                <customfield_10206 />

                                                <customfield_12108 />

                                                <customfield_10207 />

                                                <aggregatetimeestimate />

                                                <customfield_10208 />

                                                <customfield_10209 />


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Community Leader
Community Leader
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August 13, 2019

If you are using Jira  Rest APIs, you can use `expand=names` parameter to get names of custom-field in response.

Like this, https://<jira_base_url>/rest/api/2/search?maxResults=10&expand=names

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venkateswarlu August 13, 2019

Thank you so much for your quick responce .

I have a doubt in your URL what search?maxResults=10 indicates?

Derek Lee
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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June 15, 2022

The maxResults parameter will get up to (but it's merely a suggestion) that number of results. In this case you'll get up to 10 tickets.

I have played with maxResults = 1000 but usually get 100 tickets in response. setting the maxResults provides a parameter that is useful when you write scripts to account for pagination of the results.

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