Connecting Qualtrics Surveys to Jira to Complete and Track the Closed-Loop Process

Tim April 4, 2018

What are your best practices for connecting Qualtrics surveys to Jira to complete and track the Closed-Loop Process?

i.e. We receive a completed survey from an unhappy customer and want to follow-up on it, track what has or hasn't been done, and report out on status.

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_Fabian A. Lopez December 14, 2019


How is that project going? I saw your pdf posted in the Qualtric community. I was wondering if there is a solution for that, but I didn't find it.


I found also this article from their support where Qualtrics can create an issue in Jira when we get negative feedback.


There are also some references on the website of tray-io but I didn't find specifics, just the  tip of the iceberg, I will need to research more as they also offer integration with confluence


Zapier could be also a good option for this

or with Confluence


I am just starting researching this and all the links above are coming as results of my search by I will provide more information as soon as I get some results and use cases.

wish you the best!


Tim December 15, 2019

Thanks for reaching out, Fabian! Qualtrics has actually released a feature in Preview, using the Actions tab under the survey, that actually does what I was looking for in the post (closed-loop process).  Here's a screenshot of what I have set-up so far. As soon as it becomes public, I will try to create another PDF for the Qualtrics community and link it here as well. 


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