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Can Min or Max field values from Column Constraints be used with workflow condition?

Guhan March 9, 2020


I have a Kanban board with the Minimum and Maximum values set as constraints. However, I want to perform various events based on my Maximum value within only one transition in the workflow that is used only for one type of issue (Story). What is the field name (or id) to be used and will it work? Any recommendation?

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Deleted user December 6, 2020

Hi Guhan,

It is not possible to trigger an Automation rule directly by the amount of issues in a column (status). However, I could put together a rule that I think fulfils your goal:

  1. The rule is triggered when an issue status is changed to the status connected to the column (when an issue is moved into that column).
  2. The rule runs an SQL query searching for all the issues in the given project having the corresponding status.
  3. If there are more issues than a certain number in that status (column), the rule sends a Slack message or whatever action you want.

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 11.58.06.png

You will have to:

  • change the project in JQL to "YourProject'sName"
  • change the target status in JQL and in rule trigger to the one assigned to the column: "TheColumnYouWant"
  • change the "greater than" value to the value you set as max constraint for the column: 8 or whatever value max or min you want
  • replace the log action with a "Send Slack message" action

I hope the solution above helps you,


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