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Jun 18, 2022

In the last discussion I covered how to integrate Jira with UiPath Test Manager. Glimpse are available are available in links below:

Now here will discuss how to automate our regular Jira task with UiPath?

This is a very crucial and important topic when it comes to Jira Automation and nowadays this is demanding as well reason is simple because the wide usage of this tool requires automation. Which will make life's of managers easy and get work done in a few clicks.

UiPath gives the flexibility to automate our jira work like Creation of defects, Test case Management, Creating story and backlog and managing agile board. Jira is a powerful project management tool that helps teams to effectively collaborate and work on projects in an orderly manner. In Jira, we can create, edit, track issues, and bugs. This article briefs you how to manage these operations with UiPath.

 The UiPath.Jira.IntegrationService.Activities pack enables you to automate Jira processes. It connects to the service via the UiPath Connector for JiraTo enable the outbound automation between UiPath and Jira, the activities establish an authenticated connection using the UiPath Connector for Jira.

UiPath Activity Packages for Jira:

Jira Scope: Establishes a connection to a specified Jira instance and provides a scope for all                    subsequent activities.
Invoke Operation: Invokes a Jira API operation.
Create Issue: This activity creates an issue in Jira.
Delete Issue: This activity deletes an issue in Jira.
Get Issue: This activity returns details regarding an issue in Jira. Search Issue Using JQL This                    activity uses the string containing the JQL to filter out the issue.
Update Issue: This activity edits an issue.
Delete Record: Deletes a record from Jira. This activity only functions inside a Jira                                            Application Scope activity.
Get Record: Retrieves a record from Jira. This activity only functions inside a Jira                                         Application Scope activity.
Insert Record: Inserts a new record into Jira. This activity only functions inside a Jira                                       Application Scope activity.
List All Records: Lists all the records for an object in Jira.
List Records: Lists a page of records in Jira.


By using these activity list we can build our automation code and framework.

Let's Consider example here:

Open a new UiPath process, Select Open Browser Activity to launch a browser every time when code executes and specify the URL of the Scrum/Kanban board. Then use the Element exists activity to indicate the item card which we should listen to. Then set the output variable as ImageFound. Then click on the edit selector in element exists activity. Open Uiexplorer and on the right-side pane, click on unselected items, enable the inner text checkbox. Then in the editor, change the inner text value to LOGIN_ALERT *. This will detect all the elements which start with login_alert. Now use the imageFound variable of flow decision activity. If the output is true, then use click activity to select the card from the column. Now use type into activity and indicate the comment box. In the comment box, type Completed. After doing so, click on the dropdown menu and select the option.

Then add a refresh activity, for refreshing the browser. Then add a delay of 5s and connect the node again to the element exists activity.

If the element does not exist, it refreshes and again checks whether the element is present or not. Therefore this process acts as a listener.


UiPath flow.png


In the similar way we can create a jira automation flow for Adding backlog item, Creating a defect, Extracting defect detail etc.


For Integration or working with Jira and UiPath follow below videos:



Extracting Defect Details from Jira using UiPath:


How to Get Issue List from Jira:


Stay Tuned for such an Interesting and Technical content in future.



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