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Adding default text to a predefined JIRA field

William Arnold
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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December 6, 2021

I have found the following steps to be the fastest way to default text to a predefined field.  This has mainly been used with Bugs but I am sure it is extendible to other issue types. The functions referenced are from the Jira Settings - Issues page:


  • Create a custom field and default the text
    • Create Custom Field
      • Select a field type - Paragraph
      • Name and Description
    • Use the newly created fields "Contexts and default value" to add the default text you want to appear in the predefined field
      • You do not need to associate the field with a context - use the default or a screen


  • Identify the "Software Simplified Workflow" that is used by the Jira project then copy and modify it
    • Workflows
      • List all the workflows used by Jira projects and identify the one that is used for your project 
        • Click Copy
          • Name the new workflow and use the diagram editor to view the workflow
          • Click on the "Create" transition, click the post function link, and add a post function
            • Use the "Copy Value From Other Field" function
            • Source - new custom field
              • It might not appear in the list so start typing it and it should show up as a selectable field
            • Destination - predefined Jira field
            • Add 
            • Move up the post function until it is the first in the list of actions
          • Publish the workflow if necessary





  • Add the newly created workflow to the Workflow Scheme for the project and associate it with the Bug Issue type
    • Workflow Schemes
      • List all workflow schemes and identify the one that is used for your project
        • Click Edit
          • Click Add Workflow and select the newly created workflow from the list of workflows
            • Click Next
            • Associate to Issue Type "Bug" and save
          • Publish the changes to activate the new workflow for the Bug Issue type on your project



I hope this helps.

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Jarosław Solecki _Deviniti_
Marketplace Partner
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April 17, 2023

@William Arnold you can do it much easier with Dynamic Forms for Jira.

There were made few changes in how Jira works which allowed us to create solutions for teams that have a need of making a create screen more flexible and usable for users. One of the annoying problems has been screens that are not designed for the user context. We made a few improvements to help with that. One of the things we introduce is the ability to set Default Values for fields. 

Moreover, you also gain some additional abilities like set value based on condition, and conditional show/hide fields, making them required or read-only

If you have any questions or would like to have a demo session just book it here.

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