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Scrum with boards

win htet naing June 17, 2019

How to connect Jira with Scrum flow?

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Johan June 18, 2019

What do you mean with Scrum Flow?
Scrum is a simple framework with a basic flow and is completely tool-agnostic.
What do you want to connect?

win htet naing June 18, 2019

I mean Scrum using Jira and issue with complete , how to check and how to connect it?

Johan June 18, 2019

Still not completely clear, since Scrum is just a framework.

You create a Scrum Project and you have basically all you need to support your Scrum processes.
You have a Product Backlog, you have a Sprint Backlog, you can set Sprints.
If you want, you can create the roles Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developer in Jira, but to keep it simple, I wouldn't really do that.

Show your Product Backlog on a screen while you're having Sprint Planning and a Refinement session.

You can show your Sprint Backlog (Board in Jira) during the Daily Scrum, but that's not really needed.

Within a Board in Jira, you can set the flow to whatever you like, Scrum doesn't prescribe a specific flow. Advised is to keep it as simple as possible.
Again, what exactly do you want to connect?

win htet naing June 18, 2019

Issue in jira , then connect to sourcetree to deploy code again for correct solution,that will connect , let say , as a track monatoring , can check at here?

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Johan June 18, 2019

Ah, ok, that's the Development process you're talking about!
Thanks for the clarification! :-) 

You can connect Sourcetree with Jira, the steps are described here:


Personally, I have no experience with Sourcetree and Jira, so I can't really help you much more than by looking around for answers for you :-) .

win htet naing June 18, 2019

Thanks a lot!

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