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Simplified Kanban project template: catastrophe for Release-based projects

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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July 27, 2022


I've just explored simplified kanban template for Nex-gen project and I have to say it's a nice idea always to improve the UI - and it really works well for basic stuff like in Trello - but for our project set-up that would be a nightmare to migrate to such UI. 

We don't work in Sprints - but rather work in releases with floating end date, It can be week, can be month, can be one day.  So what we do with board - we move things from To Do to Done . Until the project is stable and there are no pending required dependencies in Progress. So when we decide to Go-Live - we deploy our changes and pressing Release button in the Board. This button gives us a popup where we provide the release name and all features from Done column are assigned automatically to this release.  Release notes are also filled automatically.

That's how it worked. And here how it is now:

1) Backlog feature - very good. We used to work in a Kanban but keeping there only things which we have really picked up for Development.  However if we go to Kanban board - there is no Release button anymore.  Only clearing Done column. Once this button is pressed - it will be hardly possible to understand what was done between previous "clearing" and now - as they all are just stored in the project history. 

2) Release feature. Very nice - may be release feature will help. Cool - we have a separate tab with releases. I can create a new one. If I enter inside the created release - I see no button to assign issues. Can I assign it from Board now to a new Release? No.. Can I do this from Backlog - yes, but one by one... Not interesting and really time consuming.

3) Sprint feature. Last hope is Sprint feature - may be we can create a sprint with no end date and use it as our container for a next version to release. So creating a new feature, adding to sprint, starting the sprint, working on the spring, completing the sprint. During the whole cycle there was no screens with Release/Version proposal.. So In case of completed sprint - i cannot even assign issues from the completed sprint to not released version manually one-by-one. Only from search issues + bulk edit. 


So you can see how UI simplification with all the amazing features could suddenly ruin the project set up just by removing one Button. ( Release Button on the Board view ).


If some of UX people read it - please give some tips how to get it back in Next-gen project. May be some App? Thanks!






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