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Moving Ticket Causes Inconsistent Data

Joshua Kohn August 30, 2019

Hello folks!

How do other Jira Admins handle when users move tickets from one Project to another? Meaning, we have two Projects, one called “Helpdesk” and the other called “DevOps”. Each Project has their own workflow. However, some statuses are shared across the two workflows.

My issue simplified:

The workflow for Helpdesk is: Open -> In Progress -> Waiting (optional) -> Close

The workflow for DevOps is: Open -> In Development -> Waiting (optional) -> Close

For both workflows, each transition has conditions which only appear to the user if certain conditions are met. In addition, within each workflow different custom fields gets updated at different stages.

When moving a ticket between projects and the ticket shares the same status Jira doesn’t give you the option to change the Status. Jira only gives you the option to change the status when the statuses don’t match. Is there a way for Jira to always ask the user what status to go to in the new ticket?

Secondly, when moving tickets from one workflow to another what is best practice to reset fields to not step on different logic between the two workflows when it comes to custom fields.

The way I see it there are two options:

  1. Use “Jira Automation for Jira” to trigger when tickets are moved and have the first status with the “All” feature enabled (but hidden). Have the automation, clear selected fields and move it to the first status.
  2. Somehow restrict that the ticket can only be moved in the Open status. (Not sure if this is possible.)



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