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How to pass any JIRA REST API parameters via Webhooks?

Aleksandr Karev March 11, 2018

Hi, everybody!
I wonder is it possible to pass any JIRA REST API parameter via Webhooks from another application to JIRA.

I would like to do a JIRA transition (or update an issue field value) by GitLab Webhooks.
For example:
curl -D- -u USER:PASS -X POST --data ‘{“transition”:{“id”:“TRANSITION_ID”}}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” JIRA_URL:JIRA_PORT/rest/api/latest/issue/<JIRA_ISSUE>/transitions?expand=transitions.fields
(it given from

If webhooks a common tool witch used to send POST request(REST API) to application aside, is it means what I can pass any REST API parameters to another application?

As I know webhooks can pass REST API parameter only in query strings using ‘?’ and ‘&’ sign. But often REST API documentation gives you info how to pass parameters only via a request body(JSON).
But I can’t use it in webhooks. Sometime I just trying to pass those parameters via query string and it goes well, but in case of a transition I can’t do it.

So I confused.
Can I use Webhook to pass any parameters to JIRA or not? Is there a special key to include a request body(JSON) in webhooks as in cURL command “–data”,"-d" key?
Or it is impossible at all and I can pass via query strings only some parameters and other via request body(JSON)?

Could somebody help me to figure out with Webhooks and JIRA REST API?


Aleksandr Karev March 12, 2018

One of version of my question:

Is it possible to pass each JIRA REST API parameter via URI by "query string"?

Aleksandr Karev April 2, 2018


Eventually after some investigation and talking this other specialists I came to the conclusion that there is no way to set up parameters higher than second layer of the structure via Webhook


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