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How to find User Logins "NO ADD ONS" !!

Keighley Williams November 29, 2021

If people have been looking for ages, "How to get Users, usage , licenses for revoking etc" without a new add on, hopefully the below helps..


select distinct a.user_key, u.lower_user_name, u.display_name, sd.LICENSE_ROLE_NAME as SD, sw.LICENSE_ROLE_NAME as SW, DATEADD(MINUTE, CAST(ua.attribute_value AS bigint)/60000, '01/01/1970') as LastLogin
from cwd_user u
join cwd_membership m on u.lower_user_name = m.lower_child_name
join cwd_group g on = m.parent_id
join licenserolesgroup lic on lic.GROUP_ID = g.lower_group_name and lic.LICENSE_ROLE_NAME in ('jira-servicedesk', 'jira-software')
left join licenserolesgroup sd on sd.GROUP_ID = g.lower_group_name and sd.LICENSE_ROLE_NAME = 'jira-servicedesk'
left join licenserolesgroup sw on sw.GROUP_ID = g.lower_group_name and sw.LICENSE_ROLE_NAME = 'jira-software'
left join cwd_user_attributes ua on = ua.user_id and ua.attribute_name = 'login.lastLoginMillis'
join app_user a on u.lower_user_name = a.lower_user_name
join cwd_directory dir on = u.directory_id
where = 1
and = 1
and = 10000
and ua.attribute_value is not null
and (DATEADD(MINUTE, CAST(ua.attribute_value AS bigint)/60000, '01/01/1970') < '2021-07-01 00:00:00')
order by LastLogin desc



This SQL query , will give you all login times , for users , then you can just , "excel" it, to  start revoking licenses.



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